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SLOW National Event, 30/10/2022

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Light Green (length: 3.97km, climb: 40m, 15 controls)
Other courses: Black | Brown | Short Brown | Blue | Short Blue | Green | Short Green | Very Short Green | Orange | Yellow | White

 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Jenny PeelSYOF197200:30:45
2Eskarina MedlockWSXF200900:32:35
3Marcus PerryBOKM200900:34:06
4Niko MannonenTUSM200700:35:12
5Max Straube-RothODM200900:35:20
6Ben ChapmanSOM200900:37:33
7Monty Bratcher-HowardWIMM200900:38:11
8Isabel HawksHHF200900:39:02
9Duncan CurrieSOCM200900:40:21
10Beth SykesSYOF200900:44:11
11Harry StuartWIMM200000:45:12
12Elodie ClausMVF200500:49:33
13Kate JarrettWAOCF200900:50:09
14Jamie KingGOM200900:56:39
15Alice SoulsbyHHF200800:57:16
16Dougal AndersonBOKM197300:59:30
17James CurtisSOM200801:03:30
18Kerry CooperSNF197801:08:44
19Chun Ho Andre FUWAOCM201001:12:38
20Andrew TrimbleSLOWM195501:17:44
21Jessica CollinsF198701:20:52
22Lee CiancamerlaM198701:20:57
23Lucy BrowneOUOCF199601:22:48
24Alison CoweWAOCF197201:23:03
25Lee LudlowSNM198401:37:39
26Alex PickupMVM200902:12:53
-Anu MannonenTUSF196701:13:40
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