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Euromeeting KO Sprint (and Individual Sprint for public race classes), 14/10/2023

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Course 3 (MQ3) (length: 2.875km, climb: 20m, 18 controls)
Point calculations
1,108.20 + (109.67 x (1,042.82 - T)) / 160.40
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Max CarcasINTM196800:13:491254
2Andrew CampbellMORM196700:13:531252
3Simon ErringtonHHM196300:13:551250
4Katja ZwikerOLG GalgenenF197800:14:08
5Ian MaxwellRRM196000:14:101240
6Rupert ParkinsonFVOM196600:14:161236
7Stuart CrawfordWCOCM196800:14:301226
8Trevor HindleMDOCM196400:15:041203
9Colin SalisburyINVOCM196500:15:571167
10Neil ConwayFVOM196800:16:011164
11Karen ParkerBLF196300:16:061161
12Simon HuntFVOM196500:16:111157
13Jonathan MolloyFVOM196800:16:401137
14Iain ShepherdINVOCM196300:16:431135
15Andrew EvansDFOKM195500:16:571126
16Morag McLuckieMORF197200:17:011123
17Alex CrawfordWCOCF197100:17:301103
18Jennifer AtkinsonELOF197900:17:341101
19Beccy OsbornFVOF197200:17:431094
20Helen RennieWCOCF197300:17:501090
21Robert KingAIREM195900:17:561086
22Kate DarlowRRF197800:18:101076
23Jen LeonardFVOF196900:18:301062
24Natasha ConwayFVOF197100:19:041039
25Helen ChiswellDVOF197700:19:091036
26Lena Lyngsaunet AlstadFrol ILF197800:19:33
27Jon DarleyGOM196600:19:591001
28Angela DarleyGOF197300:21:02958
29Judith BellESOCF196900:21:22945
30Marta SzydlowskaSTAGF198000:23:06874
31Caroline ClarkeFVOF197400:24:01836
32Craig McAdamKFOM195800:32:09502
-Nikki HowardMORF197400:15:45
-Andrew LeedhamLOCM196300:24:16
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