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Sutton Park - WMOA Championships, 13/11/2022

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Brown (length: 10.9km, climb: 140m, 29 controls)
Point calculations
1,229.81 + (86.48 x (5,426.38 - T)) / 1,080.48
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Krzysztof NowickiWREM198101:01:451368
2Alistair LandelsODM196801:08:581333
3Sam LeadleyODM200001:11:331321
4Iain StampWCHM198001:15:541300
5Ben SquireNOCM200401:16:201298
6Robert HoldwayPOTOCM198301:17:061294
7David AldridgeHOCM197801:21:571271
8Graham PigottPOTOCM198101:23:231264
9Jason HowellHOCM196901:25:551252
10John MatherLOGM197001:28:581237
11Andrew RowePOTOCM197601:29:191235
12Peter WardNGOCM197001:31:331224
13Tsz Fung YuINDM01:33:14
14David DunnPOTOCM197801:33:261215
15Jim TruemanMDOCM196401:33:331215
16Thomas LewisWREM198501:34:341210
17Paul GebbettBOKM196901:36:491199
18James ThomasHOCM198801:42:031174
19Richard PriceHOCM199501:43:421166
20Ian JonesERYRIM196801:45:211158
21Russell FinchODM196501:47:051150
22Alistair PowellODM197801:47:421147
23Zhenlong LiOUOCM199502:22:32980
24Eric HeritageLEIM195902:30:00944
25Paul GregsonODM197902:46:19865
-Dylan ShermanOUOCM199501:14:48
-Philip AinsleyODM199001:39:59
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