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SEOUL Urban event , 29/08/2022

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MHV WUV WHV (length: 4.2km, climb: 130m, 11 controls)
Point calculations
865.18 + (155.96 x (2,547.43 - T)) / 638.83
Other courses: MO MV WO | MSV WV | MUV WSV | MJ WJ

 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Pat MacLeodNGOCM194700:28:541064
2David PalmerBOKM194600:29:311055
3Neil CameronNGOCM194600:32:491006
4Frank InceSWOCM194200:35:18970
5Michael HamptonODM194600:35:47963
6Suzanne HardingNGOCF196400:38:00930
7Ted McDonaldBOKM194300:38:50918
8Amanda WardHALOF196300:41:32879
9Julie K AstinWSXF195300:41:42876
10Ken StimsonNWOM194600:43:59843
11Carol FarringtonNGOCF195700:46:51801
12Sally ThomasBOKF194500:47:06797
13Marissa HughesTVOCF197000:52:43715
14Ruth RhodesSOF194200:53:43700
15Hilary NichollsNGOCF196700:54:19691
16Nina StimsonNWOF194600:56:22661
17Robert TeedNGOCM193900:56:28660
18Jacqueline StevensWREF195601:07:59491
19Sally IngramHOCF195701:08:12488
-Howard ThomasBOKM194500:41:12
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