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LOK SE League event, 26/02/2023

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Short Green (length: 3km, climb: 125m, 12 controls)
Point calculations
860.08 + (112.55 x (3,194.14 - T)) / 622.24
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Ffion BricknellSAXF200400:36:331041
2Martin LockGOM194800:40:48995
3Geoff WrightGOM194500:41:21989
4Sue HandsWIMF194800:42:51973
5Mick SmithHHM194800:43:54961
6Teresa TurnerSLOWF194800:45:06948
7Jane ArcherSNF195400:47:01928
8Simon LingMVM194500:48:06916
9Elisabeth DicksonBAOCF195800:49:18903
10Ian SmithWAOCM195600:49:32900
11Elodie ClausMVF200500:49:34900
12Di TurnerSOF195100:50:10893
13Nikolay YanevSLOWM197300:51:54875
14Helen RiversGOF195400:52:57863
15Susan HooperHHF195400:54:22848
16Barbara LugtonGOF195700:55:17838
17Nigel SakerSLOWM194800:55:36834
18John CollyerGOM194500:57:52810
19Michele FunnellSOF195401:00:05786
20Christine GlewSLOWF195301:00:11785
21Roger PringSAXM194501:00:22783
22Kat CollmanGOF199101:02:41758
23Jane BreedHHF195201:03:28749
24Amanda BaileySNF196301:04:43735
25Gill SharpSNF195801:10:27673
26Sarah LoweSOF197001:26:18501
27Amaryllis CampbellSOF195601:58:21153
28Penny ParkesHHF195702:04:3686
-Trish WallisSNF195201:34:31
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