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Penrith Urban Event, 10/08/2022

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Course 5 (length: 4.4km, climb: 45m, 22 controls)
Point calculations
899.53 + (75.39 x (2,507.88 - T)) / 390.54
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Allie Wilson CrawNATOF195400:26:541072
2Christine KiddierBLF195200:30:161033
3Janice NisbetESOCF195300:31:481015
4Steve RobertsonQOM195300:32:011013
5Patricia DaviesBLF195500:34:59978
6Margaret DalgleishESOCF195200:35:29973
7rhona fraserESOCF195400:36:44958
8Sheila StrainELOF194800:37:20951
9Trish CoombsMAROCF195700:38:19940
10Maggie RoachSLOWF195700:38:44935
11Miriam RosenSROCF194900:40:13918
12Michael HamptonODM194600:41:26904
13Margaret WilldigODF195300:41:29903
14Glenys FergusonSROCF195000:42:09895
15Ann HarrisSMOCF195400:42:44889
16Jane StewODF195700:43:23881
17Eleanor PyrahESOCF194400:43:28880
18Jenny WrenBLF195000:44:14871
19Ian PyrahESOCM194400:44:31868
20Irene CrawshawMDOCF194400:45:36855
21Sue BicknellLEIF194400:45:53852
22Alan MullockDEEM194600:47:04839
23Grahame CrawshawMDOCM194800:47:24835
24Rowan PurkisLOCF195400:48:30822
25Christine MiddletonDVOF194600:49:31810
26David RosenSROCM195300:49:54806
27Sue HandsWIMF194800:50:29799
28Jean PayneDEEF195300:51:29787
29Trevor RobertsMDOCM194700:54:07757
30Brian YatesESOCM194400:54:36751
31Richard MossBLM194200:58:28706
32Amy WinstonF197201:16:59
33Angela WhitworthBLF194201:51:4889
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