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HH Ace of Herts - Egypt Woods - National Event, 05/03/2023

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Yellow (length: 2.6km, climb: 30m, 10 controls)
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Ben SeastonMVM201300:18:34
2Hugh ScarbroughMVM201400:20:20
3Sebastian ElderHHM201300:26:09
4Charlotte NauntonHHF201200:27:51
5Eva AgicsHHF197300:27:58
6Anastasia LysikatosINDF200200:30:49
7Gabriel MeeSMOCM201600:32:41
8Catherine SpringettBKOF195700:33:02
9Sofia MeeSMOCF201000:33:19
10Georgina R.D.TVOCF201100:33:47
11Eliza HardwickINDF201300:36:29
12Francis R.D.TVOCM201300:37:58
13Eszter GalfiHHF200900:41:55
14Alan YeadonSARUMM193600:49:27
15Adam GalfiHHM201200:51:44
16Mate GalfiINDF198300:52:27
17Sachly MozooniLOKF197800:54:47
18Jacob DorisINDM201201:02:25
19Gregory GrantSARUMM201201:03:26
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