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Sudbury Urban (UKOL), 20/05/2023

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UKOL 2 WO MV (M40,M45,M50,W18,W20,W21) (length: 8km, climb: 50m, 24 controls)
Point calculations
1,119.41 + (98.03 x (3,978.28 - T)) / 535.38
Other courses: UKOL 1 MO (M18,M20,M21,M35) | UKOL 3 WV MSV (M55,M60,W35,W40,W45,W50) | UKOL 4 WSV MUV (M65,M70,W55,W60) | UKOL 5 WUV MHV WHV (M75,M80,M85,W65,W70,W75,W80,W85) | UKOL 6 JM JW (M16,W16) | 7 MYJ WYJ

 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1David DixonHHM197200:52:021276
2Daniel CowleyNORM198100:53:501256
3Ben BethellNORM197900:58:041210
4Jevgenijs PetrovsSLOWM197400:59:321194
5Steven HayterDEVONM197301:00:551179
6Fiona TamSLOWF198901:01:091176
7Jacob StevensCHIGM197501:01:421170
8Jenny CarlssonWAOCF198401:02:281162
9Sebastien FleschHHM196901:04:001145
10Stephen BorrillWAOCM197101:05:571123
11Jonathan GilbertNORM195901:07:251107
12Richard PowellWAOCM197601:07:571101
13Rini HoogkamerNORM195901:08:021100
14Jonathan WardWAOCM197401:08:311095
15Keith BennettDFOKM197201:10:311073
16Tony UdrisSYOM196901:13:581035
17Chloƫ CracknellMAROCF200101:14:201031
18Rob HickWSXM196001:17:011002
19Cassie ReadF200201:18:25
20Hannah WicksWAOCF200501:22:49938
21emily vallowSUFFOCF199001:26:07902
22Nikolay YanevSLOWM197301:40:28744
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