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Sudbury Urban (UKOL), 20/05/2023

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UKOL 4 WSV MUV (M65,M70,W55,W60) (length: 3.8km, climb: 30m, 13 controls)
Point calculations
977.18 + (112.58 x (2,232.28 - T)) / 457.36
Other courses: UKOL 1 MO (M18,M20,M21,M35) | UKOL 2 WO MV (M40,M45,M50,W18,W20,W21) | UKOL 3 WV MSV (M55,M60,W35,W40,W45,W50) | UKOL 5 WUV MHV WHV (M75,M80,M85,W65,W70,W75,W80,W85) | UKOL 6 JM JW (M16,W16) | 7 MYJ WYJ

 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Alan RosenHHM195500:26:451132
2Ian DitchfieldMVM195600:27:141124
3Paul MorrisNOCM195700:28:001113
4Karen FrenchWIMF196700:28:201108
5Sue HartleyWAOCF195600:28:471102
6Mick ListonNORM194900:30:331075
7Peter HarrisHALOM195800:31:401059
8Richard BonnettBAOCM195500:32:551041
9Sally WilkinsonSUFFOCF196400:34:311017
10Colin WestSOSM195500:34:341016
11Louise WalkerSUFFOCF196500:35:001010
12Paul LangstonHHM195300:35:061008
13Julie LobleyDFOKF196500:35:391000
14Helen LloydNORF195900:36:17991
15Jamie Austin-MillsNORM198000:37:11977
16Eliza HermannHHF196100:37:36971
17Viv HodsonHHF196400:40:09934
18Nicholas PughSOSM195100:40:47924
19Sandra MatherSMOCF196600:41:22916
20Hedley CalderbankHHM195100:41:27914
21Edwin BanksSOSM195200:41:54908
22Stephen NobbsNORM195600:42:54893
23Jackie SibthorpSOSF196600:45:11859
24Louise BarrettNORF196600:49:47791
25John DuffieldHHM194700:53:17740
26David LeFevreDFOKM195700:55:05713
27Jon WheatcroftTVOCM195200:56:10697
28Margaret MoodySUFFOCF196400:56:51687
29Danni AngelovaDFOKF196600:57:36676
30Leanne BaileyNORF197901:02:32603
31Veronica MachinSOSF196101:18:18370
32Cheryl LawrenceF196801:39:20
33Joanna QiuCHIGF196801:43:39
-Isoldt HarrisHALOF195900:46:52
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