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Brighton City Race, 17/12/2022

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Course 2 (length: 6.93km, 29 controls)
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Nick BarrableSYOM197400:37:52
2Dan CopeBAOCM198200:39:37
3Paul LuttmanSOM197200:40:27
4Simon RawsonM198200:40:46
5Paul TaylorTVOCM197600:42:30
6Garry GreenstreetSOM197300:44:09
7Will HeapSOM197300:47:27
8Keith BennettDFOKM197200:48:31
9Fiona TamSLOWF198900:49:05
10Rob HickWSXM196000:50:12
11Marc EbanksSNM197000:51:52
12Simon FitzpatrickSOM197000:52:03
13Sophie KingdomBOFF199900:53:26
14Zsolt PodolyakSNM196800:54:43
15Graham DenneySAXM196900:57:54
16Becky BarnardSOF198900:59:38
17Jennifer SibleyMVF199101:15:17
-Timothy GraySOCM197800:51:47
-Mark LightSOCM196800:53:42
-Arabella WhiteSTAGF198401:04:34
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