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YHOA Urban League Weekend - EuroCity Race, 16/07/2023

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MO (length: 8.3km, climb: 195m, 32 controls)
Point calculations
1,211.72 + (103.40 x (4,324.00 - T)) / 711.65
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Nathan LawsonODM199700:47:511423
2Mark BurleyMDOCM198700:57:281339
3Robert HoldwayPOTOCM198300:59:101324
4Dominic GreenCLOKM200301:02:361294
5Ryan ElliotSYOM200001:03:261287
6Christopher MacKenzieCLOKM199301:03:301286
7Sam LeadleyODM200001:03:311286
8Luke FryCLAROM200401:06:001265
9Craig LucasLOGM199701:07:321251
10Tom AlcockWIMM200001:08:181245
11Jack SmithAIREM199701:08:191244
12Dave MurgatroydAIREM198901:11:531213
13Andrew HobsonAIREM198401:12:211209
14Benjamin KydMDOCM200301:12:481205
15James GashCLOKM199001:13:191201
16Sam CrawshawSYOM200401:14:321190
17Davy KerCLAROM199501:16:441171
18Sam CottleBOKM199701:19:521144
19John BlatherwickAIREM198701:20:521135
20Peter GorvettSYOM194701:24:341103
21Dieter CoenTROLM200201:25:25
22James ThomasHOCM198801:25:531091
23Pedro Tiago GomesCOAALM200201:33:05
24Alexander HardingCLAROM199301:33:131027
25Martyn DeanCLOKM195901:40:04968
26Andre BarrosGD4CM200601:45:17
-Philip Johnston-DavisRAFOM197301:07:47
-Tom PagetINDM198301:13:51
-Matthew GrayAIREM198901:49:58
-Andrew IddonCLAROM198701:50:10
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