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BOK Urban Orienteering Series 11, 07/09/2022

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Medium (18 controls)
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Susanne AndersenBOKF196200:33:53
2Alex MassieBOKM198300:34:13
3Rachel LeathwoodBOKF197300:39:29
4Graham HartleyQOM196400:41:24
5Daniel WareingBOK00:42:06
6Zoe WoodwardIND00:42:50
7Craig SmithBOKM196700:44:23
8Peter MaliphantBOKM195600:44:41
9Caroline PotterBOKF196200:45:03
10Sam CottleIND00:45:32
11Megan WareingBOKF200800:47:06
12Greg BestNGOCM196200:47:17
13Rachel PotterBOKF200100:47:49
14Diana NicollBOKF196000:48:11
15Laurence GossageBOKM195000:49:35
16Joanne LeighHOCF196700:49:54
17David PalmerBOKM194600:50:59
18Ian FranceBOKM195300:51:13
19Martin EvansBOKM196300:51:20
20Chris JohnsonBOKM195300:51:43
21Martin LewisQOM196800:51:45
22Heather HaleBOKF197900:52:26
23Simon DoellBOKM196900:55:22
24Amy CurtisBOKF197000:55:53
25Dave MullinsSARUMM194900:56:02
26Denise MullinsSARUMF195100:59:59
27Frank InceSWOCM194201:00:30
28Neil ConnellyBOKM194401:03:35
29Suzanne BaillieBOKF196401:07:04
30Theresa WheatcroftBOKF196101:08:00
31Gwen TannerBOKF196001:13:56
32Brian CurtisBOKM195101:14:49
33Sue CurtisBOKF195101:16:06
34Simon LottBOKM197701:23:29
35Cathie WalshIND01:43:12
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