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Coast and Islands 2022 - Day 5 - Race 1, 30/07/2022

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Short (length: 1.8km, 13 controls)
Point calculations
942.46 + (104.51 x (2,299.31 - T)) / 580.75
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Thomas RossINTM200500:24:131095
2Ben RossINTM200800:24:15
3Beccy OsbornFVOF197200:26:091074
4David SaundersHHM195900:26:221072
5Fiona HendrieFVOF196000:26:531066
6Inara GipsleTVOCF195200:27:061064
7Ronald NolanESOCM196700:27:291059
8Alison SaundersHHF195900:29:031043
9Eilidh ConnorFVOF201000:29:39
10Steve SmirthwaiteMORM195800:30:481024
11Eskarina MedlockWSXF200900:30:59
12Laura HendrieFVOF199500:31:011021
13Stephen BinghamBASOCM195800:33:07999
14Carolyn DudleyMAROCF196200:33:23996
15Lynne WalkerBASOCF195300:33:51991
16V?ra Slezá?ková196500:33:58
17Jan KerselECKOF195800:34:23985
18Penelope SmirthwaiteMORF196000:35:16975
19Diana McClureSBOCF195000:36:15965
20Jon DarleyGOM196600:36:28962
21Anne HicklingESOCF195500:37:16954
22Lucy GallowayINTF196600:37:43949
23Mary WilliamsESOCF195100:38:08944
24Callum McIntyre 199900:38:35
25Judith BellESOCF196900:38:41939
26Sheelagh NicholAYROCF195700:42:15900
27Dave NeildLOCM194700:44:19878
28Liz OrrCLYDEF196000:44:34875
29David NicholAYROCM195800:44:41874
30Steve BurgeLOCM194200:46:01859
31Rhona Fraser195400:47:19
32Helen NeildLOCF194700:50:28811
33Julie CollinsDFOKF196000:52:34789
34Ann SmithLOCF194800:54:15770
35Laurie ParmenterMORM196300:58:07729
36Ali ParmenterMORF196500:58:15727
37Richard GoodwinWCOCM195700:59:26715
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