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Tunstall EAL, 26/11/2023

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Green (length: 5km, climb: 15m, 17 controls)
Point calculations
957.72 + (73.67 x (4,147.80 - T)) / 718.21
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Mick ListonNORM194900:50:071075
2Peter WoodsWAOCM195700:53:591051
3Kate BrettBAOCF196500:55:081044
4Nicholas PughSOSM195100:55:281042
5Roger ParkerNORM195700:56:181037
6Martin Pugh00:56:36
7Robin ThomasSUFFOCM195100:58:141025
8Richard BonnettBAOCM195500:58:391022
9Hanna BiernackaWAOCF197600:59:121019
10Helen HagueWAOCF196900:59:191018
11William HammondSOSM199401:01:361004
12Colin WestSOSM195501:02:191000
13Marc OwenBOFM197301:04:18987
14Jason DunningWAOCM197501:06:08976
15Katharine BartramNORF197201:06:10976
16Ian SmithWAOCM195601:08:30962
17Kay GoldsworthyNORF197701:08:40961
18Johanna PowellWAOCF197601:09:16957
19Jean-Baptiste BonniotBOFM200501:09:21956
20Louise WalkerSUFFOCF196501:09:26956
21Edwin BanksSOSM195201:12:05940
22Lyn WestSOSF195401:12:52935
23Phil HalfordSUFFOCM195401:12:57934
24Ian Shephard01:15:16
25Christopher ChildsSOSM194801:19:08896
26Bruce MarshallWAOCM195201:20:09890
27Sue WoodsWAOCF195701:21:17883
28John ClarkeSUFFOCM196801:25:32857
29Philip HagueWAOCM196901:27:53842
30Hannah Steventon-BarnesSUFFOCF197201:27:58842
31Julia BaldwinSUFFOCF197001:28:29839
32Stephen PrettySUFFOCM195701:30:55824
33Tim EdenNORM195301:32:08816
34Sarah ManselSUFFOCF196501:33:41807
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