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BOK Local event, 12/02/2023

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Orange (length: 1.8km, 12 controls)
Other courses: Blue | Green | Short Green | Light Green | Yellow | White

 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Amy WattsBOKF201200:23:02
2Emma JohnsonBOKF201100:24:03
3Jason JohnsonBOKM197100:24:39
4Euan PattulloBOKM200900:25:57
5Isla OveryBOKF201100:26:37
6Jos StyleINDM198800:27:35
7Ira BolshakovaF200200:28:14
8Anna OveryBOKF197900:28:53
9Victoria HolbrookBOKF198400:28:54
10Alan KemptonBOKM194900:29:30
11Freya BeynonBOKF200900:29:54
12Amanda SwannellBOKF196100:31:24
13Ada ChiplenINDF201300:34:01
14Tom ChiplenINDM198300:34:05
15Fiona ChiplenINDF197800:34:09
16Harris ChiplenINDM201300:34:13
17Nell MurrayBOKF200900:35:20
18Matthieu ConstantinINDM197800:35:39
19Manon GriffithsUBOCF200200:36:50
20Alex LoweBOKM200900:37:40
21Josie MorleyINDF200200:39:14
22Sebastian LyneNGOCM201000:39:23
23Ian KerrBOKM193900:40:24
24Danhiro NyaruwaBOKM197300:50:44
25Celia HoweBOKF196000:53:07
26Isabel NyaruwaBOKF200800:57:19
27Callum SmithM200601:12:02
-Susie CaryF197800:34:21
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