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October Odyssey Day 2, 01/10/2023

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Blue (length: 5.8km, climb: 150m, 13 controls)
Point calculations
1,055.94 + (67.94 x (4,386.06 - T)) / 600.98
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Chris DaleNNM197700:56:211170
2Matthew GreenNATOM200700:56:261169
3Oscar SandersonNATOM200800:59:45
4Cate MatthewSROCF200601:00:571138
5Joanna AbbottNATOF197601:00:591138
6Chloe GreenNATOF200601:02:441126
7Yokub Hampshire WrightNNF200701:03:421120
8Chris PennyAIREM196201:04:061117
9David RichesCLOKM196201:04:391113
10John LonsdaleNNM196501:04:521112
11Rob BaileyCLOKM195901:09:071083
12Jeanette DowningCLOKF197901:09:311080
13Rebecca SimpsonCLOKF197701:10:171075
14Willard WrightNATOM196401:10:171075
15Chris PetreCLOKM196201:11:011070
16Peter JonesAIREM195701:11:071069
17Jo MatthewSROCF197401:13:241054
18Katherine HampshireNNF196901:14:441045
19Dita DekielF200201:15:37
20James GardnerNATOM197201:21:031002
21Brett LambertNNM197501:22:21993
22Jonathon SoINDM200201:25:03
23Beatrice LawSLOWF199801:26:43964
24Rod ManselSUFFOCM195901:28:49949
25Dougie NisbetNNM196301:32:15926
26Horst PuschmannNNM196601:32:55922
27Michael ThompsonNNM197101:35:14906
28Kim SandersonNATOF197501:59:24742
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