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October Odyssey Day 2, 01/10/2023

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Green (length: 4km, climb: 110m, 14 controls)
Point calculations
984.53 + (76.95 x (4,018.96 - T)) / 854.81
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Patrick SmythNATOM195700:43:351111
2Paul GainesBLM197100:46:491093
3Phillip BattsCLOKM196100:49:061081
4Stella LewsleyBLF195400:51:501066
5Jill SmithF196300:53:06
6Roy DawsonNATOM194800:53:281058
7Allie Wilson CrawNATOF195400:55:191048
8Christine KiddierBLF195200:56:451040
9Debby WarrenNNF196300:58:221031
10Sue MetcalfeNATOF196800:59:021027
11Paul TaylorCLOKM194801:01:051016
12Janet LeakeEBORF195901:03:111005
13Emma CurtisF200201:03:48
14Allen BanisterNNM195601:05:40992
15David LloydLOCM195101:05:58990
16Carolyn RigbyCLOKF196601:10:33965
17jane malleyNATOF196101:10:39965
18Gerry SpaltonODM194601:12:01957
19Isla SimpsonCLOKF200901:14:15
20Rachel SmithF200201:16:39
21Jeremy SmithNATOM196701:16:46932
22Will PattersonAIREM195301:18:18923
23Caroline MackenzieCLOKF196301:20:36911
24Bob CooperNNM194501:23:54893
25James MurphyNATOM195401:24:59887
26Fred MillerNATOM195101:26:33879
27William DehanyCLOKM195301:27:13875
28Mark DawsonCLOKM196501:27:16875
29Sarah ManselSUFFOCF196501:33:23842
30Aileen CongreveNNF197801:51:34744
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