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S6D Moray 2023 Day 2 (UKOL), 31/07/2023

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C3 (length: 2.3km, climb: 20m, 11 controls)
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Leana HeinerOLG PfaeffikonF201200:22:22
2Hannah ChapmanSYOF201100:22:54
3Alice FrenchWIMF201100:24:56
4Hannah InmanFVOF201200:26:16
5Isla Finlayson-JohnecheckNEOCF201200:26:36
6Jessica AtkinsonLOCF201200:27:02
7Maisie TodhunterSROCF201200:29:35
8Alethea CarrAIREF201200:33:52
9Sylva Rose PriceECKOF201200:35:39
10Sadie ClarkeBAOCF201000:36:26
11Sola HolmesWCOCF201200:36:46
12Laura KitchinINTF201200:37:02
13Emily RobertsonMAROCF201200:37:35
14Poppy GilbertDEVONF201100:38:15
15Charlotte BeaversAIREF201100:38:48
16Eowyn Rose PriceECKOF201200:40:12
17Holly HoweSAXF201100:40:13
18Alys PowellWAOCF201200:40:55
19Emma DaleyESOCF201200:41:48
20Erin CooperSNF201000:44:41
21Julia RossMORF201200:47:06
22Esme FinchFVOF201200:48:07
23Indira Rose PriceECKOF201200:48:29
24Alice EvansSAXF201100:50:16
25Anna HoltSYOF201100:55:04
26Ursula MacCollESOCF201000:58:06
27Emily FraserMORF201201:00:56
28Rae SimpsonCLOKF201201:03:05
29Heather HarveyWIMF201001:03:14
30Anna Maria YanevaSLOWF201101:06:21
31Sofia MeeSMOCF201001:15:19
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