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Scottish Orienteering League 2, 19/03/2023

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Brown (length: 7.35km, climb: 500m, 19 controls)
Point calculations
1,270.55 + (64.46 x (4,654.87 - T)) / 824.67
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1James HammondFVOM200601:01:171347
2Adam BarrieMAROCM200501:01:281346
3Will HensmanFVOM197901:02:181342
4Jonas NeweyMAROCM200501:03:531335
5Michael BishendenMORM200601:08:261313
6Stephen FeltbowerFVOM198001:08:351313
7Andrew KitchinINTM196601:14:351285
8Ewan BennettEUOCM200501:14:591283
9Kyle HeronSTAGM198701:18:391266
10Joel AtkinsonELOM200601:19:221262
11William IvoryINTM197201:20:211258
12Fraser PurvesFVOM197001:21:051254
13Emma WilsonCLYDEF199901:29:591212
14Alistair Black BlackESOCM198901:33:141197
15Ross WhiteSTAGM199201:35:381186
16Edmund RooneyRRM196101:48:331125
17Ceana HeronSTAGF199101:50:181117
18Thomas AthorneSTAGM198801:53:461101
19Ian WhiteheadSTAGM198802:07:13
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