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Caddihoe Day 1 (UKOL), 30/09/2023

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Orange (length: 3.4km, climb: 25m, 9 controls)
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Alice FrenchWIMF201100:30:32
2Matvei DnestrovskiiTVOCM201100:30:37
3Daniel WareingBOKM201100:31:10
4Liz SeastonMVF197600:41:10
5Ben SeastonMVM201300:43:22
6Helena ClarkeBAOCF201200:49:12
7Annabelle LewisQOF200700:52:52
8Rose CameronNGOCF201101:03:20
9Erin CooperSNF201001:05:46
10Claire StampWCHF198001:05:56
11Samuel HorsfallNGOCM201301:12:47
12Richard Alexander McDonaldBOKM197501:13:49
13Penny HemstedHOCF194101:43:35
14Priscilla Chen-ChandlerINDF197101:51:30
-Heather HarveyWIMF201001:25:05
-Jess MiklausicNGOCF198103:46:38
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