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Caddihoe Day 1 (UKOL), 30/09/2023

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UKOL Very Short Green (W75, W80, W85, W90) (length: 3.7km, climb: 55m, 10 controls)
Point calculations
808.36 + (85.95 x (4,467.67 - T)) / 972.60
Other courses: UKOL Black (M21) | UKOL Brown (M35, M40) | UKOL Short Brown (M18, M20, M45, M50, W21) | UKOL Blue (M16, M55, M60, W35, W40) | UKOL Short Blue (M65, W18, W20, W45, W50) | UKOL Green (M70, W16, W55, W60) | UKOL Short Green (M75, M80, M85, M90, W65, W70) | Light Green | Orange | Yellow | White

 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Sheila CareyODF194600:47:33951
2Jim GrahamWIMM195100:49:44939
3Carol PearceDEVONF194501:00:03885
4Sue HandsWIMF194801:00:21883
5Sally ThomasBOKF194501:10:21830
6Charlotte ThorntonSARUMF194501:12:57816
7Ruth RhodesSOF194201:18:11789
8Clare FletcherBOKF194201:27:43738
9Sheila MiklausicNGOCF194801:29:42728
10Christine KingBOKF194901:30:31723
11Sally CollinsBKOF195101:31:10720
12Alison SlomanHOCF193601:35:16698
13Carol FarringtonNGOCF195701:44:43648
14Anthony BarrableRAFOM194401:49:31622
-Louise LightSOCF196702:00:07
-Liz GodfreeDVOF194801:03:02
-Pauline OldsKERNOF195401:54:32
-Freda PeirceSARUMF194103:01:50
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