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STAG Compass Sport Cup/Trophy Heat, 12/02/2023

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4 Blue Men (length: 5.125km, climb: 240m, 21 controls)
Point calculations
1,148.12 + (93.09 x (3,518.31 - T)) / 679.50
Other courses: 1 Brown | 2 Short Brown | 3 Blue Women | 5 Green Women | 6 Green Men | 7 Veterans Short Green | 8A Junior Men (Green) | 8B Junior Women (Short Green) | 9 Orange | 10 Super Vet Short Green | Light Green | White | Yellow

 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1David RobertsonCLYDEM196400:44:101267
2Ben StansfieldFVOM196800:44:361264
3Ben HartmanINTM196900:45:011260
4Mark JohnstonFVOM197200:45:151258
5Roger CoombsMAROCM195700:45:511253
6Andrew CampbellMORM196700:45:581252
7Ian MaxwellRRM196000:46:221249
8Jon CrossFVOM196700:46:471246
9Jonathan MusgraveMAROCM196200:49:471221
10Steve WilsonCLYDEM196500:49:561220
11Robin GallowayINTM196600:50:211216
12Colin SalisburyINVOCM196500:52:331198
13Robert DalyGRAMPM195700:52:361198
14Clive MassonTAYM196800:54:531179
15Peter McLuckieMORM197000:55:261174
16Hugh NicholsonGRAMPM196600:56:261166
17Finlay RossESOCM196600:57:011161
18Ian RowlandELOM196201:00:361132
19Dougal LamontINVOCM197101:00:461131
20Matt BowerELOM197301:01:27
21Terry JohnstoneESOCM196601:01:361124
22Grant CarstairsTAYM195401:02:011120
23Peter BrownsortELOM196001:02:441114
24Bob SheridanMAROCM196701:04:031104
25Ronald NolanESOCM196701:04:581096
26Simon HuntFVOM196501:07:511072
27Stuart GrahamSOLWAYM196801:09:531056
28Clare KemsleyBASOCF196501:10:321050
29Ian MurgatroydSOLWAYM196201:11:381041
30Mark WardleSTAGM196601:15:551006
31Robert CranstonRRM196501:15:561006
32PASCAL LARDETFVOM196701:19:28977
33Stephen ClarkKFOM197301:24:48
34Laura HollandBASOCF197001:25:30927
35Neil MartinKFOM196801:27:31
36Oscar SanchezKFOM197301:38:11
37Thomas ElgoodCHIGM196401:51:47711
-Iain SIMEINVOCM197000:32:36
-James JarvisTAYM197000:38:31
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