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SN Trophy, 26/11/2023

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Long Orange (length: 4.7km, climb: 165m, 15 controls)
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Sig Bijay GurungR SIGS U25 AM200200:38:31
2Cpl Sandesh GurungR SIGS INDIVIDUALM198800:39:18
3LCpl Cameron PlantAGC U25 AM200200:39:21
4Sig Sanam ThapaR SIGS U25 AM200200:41:20
5Sig Tyson LimbuR SIGS U25 AM200200:45:43
6Sig Aakash PoudelR SIGS U25 BM200200:47:27
7SURYA MAN RAIBOFM199900:47:33
8Sig Rojal Thapa SuryabansiR SIGS U25 BM200200:51:47
9LCpl William Thomas-CurleyREME U25 AM200400:52:34
10Sig Kushal KarkiR SIGS U25 AM200200:55:24
11Spr Bipin MagarRE U25 AM200200:56:39
12Spr Sunil ShresthaRE U25 AM200200:59:49
13Sig Hem SaruR SIGS U25 AM200201:00:10
14Hannah BrownSARUMF200301:01:05
15Sig Sunil RanaR SIGS U25 BM200201:06:23
16Sig Sagar GurungR SIGS U25 BM200201:10:25
17Sig Ravi ThapaR SIGS U25 BM200201:10:37
18Gnr Thomas LovegroveRA U25 AM200201:12:07
19Sig Milan ThapaR SIGS U25 AM200201:15:53
20Spr Richard RaiRE U25 AM200201:17:47
21Pte Ieuan LewisAGC U25 AM200401:19:03
22LCpl Sagar RokaRLC U25 AM200201:20:26
23Gnr Mason DentRA U25 AM200201:21:49
24Gnr Shae CharlesRA U25 AM200201:22:45
25Spr Sippan ThakaliRE U25 AM200201:23:15
26LCpl Jack MaynardREME U25 AM200201:28:20
27LCpl Miryam UddinRLC U25 AF200201:33:42
28Gnr Joshua BennettRA U25 AM200201:45:22
29Pte Rose HolmesRLC U25 AF200201:47:22
-Sig Karan GurungR SIGS U25 BM200201:11:11
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