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SN Trophy, 26/11/2023

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Blue Women (length: 6.9km, climb: 245m, 18 controls)
Point calculations
1,071.79 + (88.46 x (4,927.16 - T)) / 1,200.68
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Tamsin MoranAIREF199400:52:461202
2Kezia JukesSLOWF198900:54:431193
3Melanie SladeSNF196800:58:271176
4Christine CurrieSOCF197701:03:361154
5Laura BarrettSNF200501:03:421153
6Helen MarsdenHHF197601:03:461153
7Katie BlackfordBADOF199701:06:381140
8Amelia WingBKOF200601:10:231124
9Lucy GilesBAOCF196901:12:121116
10Sheila BraineQOF196601:14:021108
11Maj Kerry LarsenR SIGS WOMEN AF197801:16:45
12Lt Col Andrew MagowanAGC WOMEN AF197801:17:19
13Lt Heather CraigRE WOMEN AF200201:18:24
14Vesela ChokoevaSLOWF197301:19:441082
15Lulu WilliamsSLOWF196901:20:071081
16Trish MonksBKOF197501:21:381074
17Tamla ShortWCHF198901:22:201071
18Victoria MccreadieWIMF198101:22:221071
19Freya AskhamSMOCF197401:23:301066
20Capt Genevieve FroehlichAMS WOMEN AF198801:23:46
21LCpl Rhona FraserINT WOMEN AF200201:24:00
22SSgt Mary WatsonAGC WOMEN AF198801:24:20
23Chloe FowlerHAVOCF199501:25:211058
24Suzanne TalbotBAOCF198301:25:501055
25LCpl Isabell ArrisR SIGS WOMEN BF200201:29:08
26Pte Sophie FaulknerAMS INDIVIDUALF198801:32:05
27Capt Freya BowenRE WOMEN AF200201:32:42
28Ali LeaBAOCF197501:34:431016
29Sally CallandDVOF197501:35:131014
30Capt Laura BettisonAGC WOMEN AF200201:35:51
31Sara CurrieBOKF198101:36:441007
32Lt Col Sarah StreeteR SIGS INDIVIDUALF196301:38:57
33Ruth GilbertDEVONF198001:40:21991
34Major Rebecca MellyRLC WOMEN AF198301:40:28
35Emily ButterSNF200501:43:12979
36Sig Anna BockR SIGS WOMEN BF200201:47:36
37SSgt Katie CostelloR SIGS WOMEN BF200201:49:13
38Elaine O'Hara-StylesSYOF198002:01:25898
39SSgt Jessica GriffithsRA WOMEN AF200202:03:19
40Sig Jade WoodR SIGS WOMEN BF200202:05:16
41Julia MillsINDF196302:08:14
42Kirsty McDermottBAOCF198402:16:34831
43Diana WorthingtonSNF197902:20:14815
44Blyda HeferSLOWF197602:29:26774
45Sgt Katy HillmanRA WOMEN AF200202:35:30
-Carys MorganSLOWF197600:50:47
-Gnr Olivia CouplandRA WOMEN AF200403:13:53
-SSgt Julie MurrayINT WOMEN AF200203:26:34
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