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Jack of Herts, Northaw Great Wood, 23/10/2022

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Short Green (length: 3.6km, climb: 65m, 13 controls)
Point calculations
789.74 + (125.12 x (4,382.58 - T)) / 684.26
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Tegan FramptonHHF200500:49:421046
2Milly AskhamSMOCF200500:52:401013
3Helen RiversGOF195400:57:48957
4Nigel QuintonHHM196101:00:20929
5Andrew WelshHAVOCM195301:04:08887
6Noreen IvesWAOCF195301:05:38871
7Dave NormanCHIGM195701:05:44870
8Jeremy OldershawSAXM193801:06:36860
9Jane BreedHHF195201:08:25841
10Ian SmithWAOCM195601:12:34795
11Janet BiggsHAVOCF195301:15:00768
12Tim PribulCHIGM194901:17:16743
13Hazel BickleWAOCF195101:21:14700
14Oliver HagueLEIM199901:22:42684
15Eglantine BettsSAXF199901:25:32653
16Emma CrumpHHF196301:28:31620
17Karen Cleveland MarwickHHF196101:28:40618
18John HarrisWAOCM194601:31:35586
19Dawn FiggPFOF196901:32:45574
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