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Town Centre Urban (UKUL), 09/07/2023

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Course E (length: 3.2km, 15 controls)
Point calculations
882.44 + (94.16 x (2,398.39 - T)) / 411.54
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Doug DickinsonDVOM194500:29:441023
2Tony ThornleyAIREM194800:30:101017
3Christine KiddierBLF195200:32:44982
4Karen ClarkEBORF195500:32:45982
5Gerry SymesAIREM194800:32:59978
6Patricia DaviesBLF195500:33:58965
7Andrew BellBLM195000:37:17919
8Michael HamptonODM194600:38:35902
9Roy BradleyCLOKM194700:38:37901
10Jacqueline EmbreySROCF195800:39:23891
11Liz DrewCLAROF194900:43:20836
12Judith FilmoreLOCF195800:43:45831
13Barry HarrisonCLOKM193900:44:10825
14Cecilia DeanCLOKF195800:45:43804
15Linda KellyCLAROF195700:46:43790
16Jackie PageEPOCF195000:46:47789
17Jean PayneDEEF195300:48:43762
18Helen O'DonoghueSOLWAYF196200:54:08688
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