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Sprint Scotland (Day 2) - WRE, UKUL17 & SOUL9, 03/09/2023

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3: MV (length: 7.2km, climb: 70m, 38 controls)
Point calculations
1,161.85 + (99.16 x (3,155.53 - T)) / 458.45
Other courses: 4: MSV, WV | 5: MUV, WSV | 6: MHV, WUV, WHV | 7: 16- | 8: 12- | WRE Men | WRE Women

 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Luigi LeroseESOCM197700:41:061311
2Jamie RennieWCOCM197000:41:141309
3Ben HartmanINTM196900:42:371291
4Stephen FeltbowerFVOM198000:43:111284
5Kimmo KaarioM197300:43:17
6Donatus Juknevicius000000:45:26
7Alastair DunlopCLYDEM197300:49:151205
8Steven ScottINVOCM197300:49:261203
9Kimmo KärkkäinenM197800:52:39
10Carolyn HindleFVOF199600:53:391148
11Terry JohnstoneESOCM196600:55:011130
12Laura HindleFVOF199800:55:461121
13David McneishESOCM197200:56:381109
14Peter McLuckieMORM197000:56:391109
15Richard PowellWAOCM197600:56:441108
16Tim DarlowRRM197500:59:161075
17Simon FinchFVOM197901:00:361058
18Paul WatsonMDOCM197401:07:45965
19David EssonGRAMPM197901:26:09726
-Roger GoddardFVOM197400:38:39
-Paul HammondFVOM197600:43:02
-Chris KellyFVOM197400:50:24
-Greg FousasM198301:33:32
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