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Sprint Scotland (Day 2) - WRE, UKUL17 & SOUL9, 03/09/2023

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7: 16- (length: 4.5km, climb: 40m, 26 controls)
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Finlay McLuckieMORM200800:20:27
2Finn Selmer DuguidTAYM200800:20:32
3Scarlett KellyFVOF200800:25:52
4Iona ScottINVOCF200800:26:03
5Calum RobertsonESOCM200900:26:08
6Charoltte BurtonINVOCF200700:26:48
7Ruth GoochMAROCF200700:26:48
8Rebecca HammondFVOF200800:28:28
9Esme KellyFVOF200900:30:19
10Megan BrownESOCF200800:30:38
11Toby BurtonINVOCM200900:30:56
12Alexander HuntFVOM200900:31:58
13Olly SimmersESOCM200800:37:53
14Kate JarrettWAOCF200900:40:09
15Eilidh ConnorFVOF201000:41:59
16Emma CurtisF200200:42:39
17Katrina ShilladayODF199500:45:09
18Nicole FeltbowerFVOF200800:46:25
19George RennieWCOCM200800:52:31
20Caroline ClarkeFVOF197400:52:37
-Ellie DarlowRRF200700:27:57
-Robert SimmersESOCM200600:40:08
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