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BL Cockle Hill and Butterwick Crag, 13/05/2023

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Blue (length: 7.1km, climb: 190m, 13 controls)
Other courses: Green | Short Green | Very Short Green | Novice

 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Steve BirkinshawWCOCM196800:42:55
2Ruben RazzettiWCOCM200600:45:25
3Alex MatthewSROCM200400:49:51
4Jack EyreBLM198900:50:30
5Keith TonkinBLM195800:54:35
6Charles MayesCLOKM196600:55:36
7Ian CumpsteyJOKM197700:55:41
8Phillip WinskillWCOCM197600:55:46
9Simon ThomasWCOCM198100:57:28
10Sarah AtkinsonLOCF198401:00:38
11Isabel BerryBLF198101:03:44
12Julie Ferris-WorthBLF196701:03:48
13Jeff Powell DaviesBLM198001:04:26
14Howard LeslieWCOCM196201:04:56
15Christine GouldingBLF196301:05:36
16John Ferris-WorthBLM196501:05:38
17Heather HartmanINTF197001:09:17
18Cate MatthewSROCF200601:09:34
19Keith MurrayRRM196301:09:42
20Brendan BollandWAROCM196801:10:00
21George HareNATOM196401:10:02
22Stephen EastleyBLM195401:16:57
23Jo MatthewSROCF197401:17:05
24Stephen FarthingBLM196201:26:54
25Leslie DalgleishESOCM195001:29:14
26Paul GoldsmithBLM197001:29:32
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