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BL Binsey, Cumbrian Galoppen, 18/06/2023

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Brown (length: 7.6km, climb: 380m, 14 controls)
Point calculations
1,228.88 + (60.79 x (4,239.00 - T)) / 740.83
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Daniel HeppellWCOCM200600:45:331352
2Charlie RennieWCOCM200300:51:521321
3Steve BirkinshawWCOCM196800:52:091320
4Ruben RazzettiWCOCM200600:54:551306
5Jamie RennieWCOCM197000:58:381288
6Paul NeildWCOCM197301:02:521267
7Michael OsborneLOCM197601:03:181265
8Chris SwanepoelWCOCM197701:03:361264
9Isaac HunterWCOCM200701:04:021261
10Todd OatesLOCM198301:04:181260
11Karen ParkerBLF196301:07:271245
12Jeff Powell DaviesBLM198001:08:551237
13Matthew McCreadieDEEM200601:09:151236
14Ian PorterSROCM196901:11:091226
15Steve HolmesWCOCM196901:13:471213
16Keith TonkinBLM195801:14:491208
17Ian CumpsteyJOKM197701:17:021197
18Jonty GoodwinWCOCM200301:18:181191
19Max ColePFOM196901:18:181191
20Andrew BradleyWCOCM196301:18:491189
21John EmbreySROCM195801:20:121182
22Steven BreezeWCOCM197101:20:181181
23Robert SmithLOCM196301:22:411170
24Simon ThomasWCOCM198101:25:041158
25Dan ParkerBLM196201:31:081128
26Andy RobinsonLOCM195401:38:291092
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