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CompassSport Cup Heat, 18/02/2024

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Short Green (length: 4.1km, climb: 10m, 11 controls)
Point calculations
920.72 + (78.90 x (2,780.29 - T)) / 538.05
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Mick ListonNORM194900:32:441040
2Amanda RobertsLOGF196200:34:451023
3Ian ShephardNORM195200:36:051011
4Edwin BanksSOSM195200:36:581003
5Sally WilkinsonSUFFOCF196400:37:181000
6Sue HartleyWAOCF195600:39:17983
7Kathleen HaynesWAOCF195700:40:10975
8Chris BrownWAOCM195200:40:11975
9Andrew WelshHAVOCM195300:40:22973
10Phil HalfordSUFFOCM195400:40:46970
11Janet CronkWAOCF195700:40:48969
12Nicholas PughSOSM195100:43:49943
13ray WeekesCHIGM194900:44:32937
14Bruce MarshallWAOCM195200:45:45926
15Martin SellensSOSM195200:46:24920
16David BallNORM194400:47:16913
17Shona FairchildBOFF195500:47:55907
18Kim EdenNORF195700:48:11904
19Tony MaycraftCHIGM195800:49:36892
20Carole ChapmanLOGF196200:52:08870
21Christopher ChildsSOSM194800:52:24867
22Tim EdenNORM195300:58:12816
23Rachel ThomasSMOCF195500:58:41812
24John ShawSMOCM194900:58:47811
25John HarrisWAOCM194601:00:54793
26Ros JamesSMOCF196101:01:11790
27Louise GoddardSUFFOCF197301:04:06764
28Pam HemingwayWAOCF196201:07:36734
29Jeffrey BakerLOGM195101:08:30726
30Timothy HullSOSM194701:08:41724
31Judith WetherillWAOCF196401:09:32717
32Tim PribulCHIGM194901:12:01695
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