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Whitchurch Urban SEOUL and UKUL, 17/06/2023

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6 Junior M16- W16- (length: 3.6km, climb: 35m, 16 controls)
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Other courses: 1 Mens Open M18-M35 | 2 MV M40+ WO W18-W35 | 3 MSV M55+ WV W40+ | 4 MUV M65+ WSV W55+ | 5 WUV W65+ MHV 75+ WHV 75+ | 7 Young Junior M12- W12-

 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Luke BennettDFOKM200800:28:40
2Grace FrenchWIMF200700:39:51
3Chun Ho Andre FUWAOCM201000:46:08
4Thomas HolmeSOCM200600:46:12
5Aidan WilliamsBKOM200901:01:52
6Morgan MasonBKOM201001:03:15
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