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SN Urban, 18/06/2023

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Course 1 (length: 9.1km, climb: 10m, 28 controls)
Point calculations
1,211.23 + (89.70 x (4,283.56 - T)) / 937.15
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Tom DobraTVOCM199200:54:111310
2Tim ScarbroughMVM198400:54:321308
3Antoine PesentiDFOKM197000:56:161298
4Peter DaplynSNM198000:58:541283
5James LyneSNM198801:01:421267
6Mindaugas LekaveckasDFOKM198501:01:581265
7John Hill-VenningSNM197301:03:441255
8David ThomasBKOM199501:05:401244
9Tony BurtonMVM196401:06:271240
10Michael CookeBAOCM197501:07:351233
11Euan MarshSOM199501:10:191217
12Dimitar GospodinovBKOM199201:12:021208
13John KellySNM198401:17:131178
14Yordan KolevSLOWM198701:17:321176
15Rob SmartBKOM197301:17:501174
16Dylan ShermanOUOCM199501:17:551174
17Oscar SlyTVOCM197701:28:181114
18Thomas JarvisRAFOM199901:30:201102
19Michael TsangSLOWM199301:59:49933
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