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Scottish Sprint Champs - incorporating SOUL5, 02/04/2023

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Course 3 (length: 3.225km, climb: 15m, 13 controls)
Point calculations
1,123.96 + (111.41 x (1,016.94 - T)) / 167.48
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Andrew CampbellMORM196700:13:361258
2Colin HallMORM196600:13:471250
3Rupert ParkinsonFVOM196600:13:541246
4Mark WoodFVOM196800:14:141232
5Andrew KitchinINTM196600:14:241226
6Jon HollingdaleJOKM196300:14:261224
7Keith BrownESOCM196200:14:281223
8Ian MaxwellRRM196000:14:331220
9Rachel KirklandFVOF197100:14:351218
10Jon CrossFVOM196700:14:401215
11Colin SalisburyINVOCM196500:14:451212
12Paul CabanINTM196400:14:491209
13Ben StansfieldFVOM196800:14:541206
14Trevor HindleMDOCM196400:15:111194
15Gary LonghurstFVOM195900:15:201188
16Graeme AcklandINTM196200:15:321180
17Steve WilsonCLYDEM196500:16:031160
18Heather FellbaumFVOF196300:16:051159
19J LairdINVOCM196800:16:261145
20Morag McLuckieMORF197200:16:461131
21Stuart LampardAYROCM196800:16:491129
22Bob SheridanMAROCM196700:17:041119
23Simon HuntFVOM196500:17:181110
24Phil SmithAYROCM196300:18:081077
25Beccy OsbornFVOF197200:18:231067
26Tara BlackINVOCF197100:18:341059
27Josie StansfieldFVOF196900:18:381057
28Carolyn CloadINVOCF197800:19:011041
29Hanne RobertsonESOCF197000:19:171031
30David RobertsonESOCM196200:19:221027
31Jen LeonardFVOF196900:20:11995
32Kate KitchinINTF197600:21:37938
33Esther GoochMAROCF197300:21:40936
34Judith BellESOCF196900:22:17911
35Kate KilpatrickFVOF197200:25:00803
36Helen ParkinsonFVOF196800:36:56326
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