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Dumyat WEE, 05/04/2023

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Green (length: 4.6km, climb: 230m, 8 controls)
Other courses: Orange | Yellow

 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Yotam BertrandFVOM199200:38:43
2Rupert ParkinsonFVOM196800:44:20
3Paul HammondFVOM197600:45:18
4Patrick LangSTUOCM200200:47:56
5James FathersFVOM200200:48:38
6Heather ThomsonFVOF197800:49:03
7Alastair KitchingINDM200200:49:29
8Rory SlaterINDM200200:51:04
9Rhys StanwixFVOM196400:52:30
10Fraser PurvesFVOM197000:53:27
11Jon CrossFVOM196700:54:28
12Andy JohnsFVOM197300:55:44
13Fiona BerrowFVOF198500:57:13
14Neil KitchingFVOM196600:57:14
15Mark HollidayFVOM195601:00:50
16Alice McDaidFVOF198201:01:55
17Lucas WhitworthFVOM201001:05:02
18Robert NeilFVOM195701:08:00
19Scott HutchesonINDM200201:08:46
20Jamie ConnorFVOM200701:09:25
21Eilidh ConnorFVOF201001:10:19
22Donald SmithTAYM195101:11:15
23Leslie DalgleishESOCM195001:11:32
24Nicola MelvilleFVOF196901:12:10
25Margaret DalgleishESOCF195201:19:58
26Geoffrey HensmanFVOM194801:22:41
-Lindsey HensmanFVOF194801:01:15
-Neil PolwartFVOM197801:07:29
-Gareth Bryan-JonesFVOM194301:14:55
-Derek EastonFVOM195801:27:59
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