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NI Colour Series 5, 02/09/2023

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Green (length: 3.2km, 19 controls)
Point calculations
926.97 + (122.06 x (4,304.20 - T)) / 999.49
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Liam O'DonnellFINM201000:39:461161
2Michael YoungLVOM199700:45:361118
3Chloe ReedLVOF199700:50:211084
4James EwartLVOM201000:59:43
5Heather WoodGENF196301:01:06
6Alan BrettLVOM197401:04:50978
7Declan LogueNWOCM197401:09:45942
8Ann SavageLVOF195501:10:18938
9Raymond FinlayFERMOM195101:11:46927
10Emi GroverLEIF200201:15:18901
11Ewan EwartLVOM201201:18:17
12Gordon StephensLVOM195801:28:34804
13Aileen McCarronLVOF196501:31:07785
14Alison CollinsLVOF196401:35:37752
-Bill HopkinsLVOM194801:13:55
-Mark PhilpottNWOCM196301:35:24
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