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SO SOG S5 - Blackland Farm, Sharpthorne, 01/04/2023

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Orange (length: 2.5km, climb: 80m, 13 controls)
Other courses: Blue | Green | Short Green | Yellow

 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Matt ThomasM200200:26:04
2Joe BarrettSOM196300:32:11
3Emily WatersSOF201100:33:05
4Bridget HooperSOF194400:33:35
5Orlando MahonSOM201300:37:57
6Gabrielle MarshallM197300:41:11
7Jason CollierM197300:44:19
8Rebecca CollierF197800:44:25
9Angela ShannonSOF197400:47:47
10Susan ParkerSOF194000:48:57
11Celia DaseySOF195800:55:47
12Jeremy ThomasM196301:06:00
13Gill SmithSOF193601:09:03
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