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HH Saturday Series - Highfield Park, 03/06/2023

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Yellow (length: 2.2km, climb: 10m, 17 controls)
Other courses: Short Blue | Light Green | Orange | White

 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Daniel Muktao TamHHM201400:18:09
2Steve WileyINDM198300:21:03
3Thomas BennettINDM201200:22:33
4R BennettINDM196800:22:35
5David SaundersHHM196300:23:34
6Esmeralda ParkinsHHF201200:26:05
7Frances ParkinsHHF198200:26:35
8Ella MyttonHHF201500:27:29
9Chin Yan OeiHHF201400:29:47
10Jacob OliverINDM201300:32:03
11Yat Hei OeiHHM201600:34:51
12Tallis OliverHHF201400:35:58
13Iris ParkinsHHF201300:35:58
14Rowan LancasterINDM201300:37:29
15Ali HajjajINDM201200:41:21
16Thomas AdenINDM201300:44:38
17Edith SoulsbyHHF201100:55:18
-Tunde FaragoHHF201400:28:19
-Matilda ParkinsHHF201000:43:23
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