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MDOC Summer Evening event , 20/06/2023

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Green (length: 4.3km, climb: 20m, 23 controls)
Point calculations
995.93 + (66.98 x (3,042.73 - T)) / 452.41
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Paul TurnockMDOCM197900:35:481128
2Martin GreenMDOCM195400:36:161124
3Michael HoodSELOCM195900:41:171080
4Ian FarrellMDOCM198100:44:491048
5Ruth BeresfordMDOCF198800:45:121045
6John BrittonMDOCM195100:45:471040
7Julia SimpsonMDOCF196500:46:251034
8Eifion ThomasDEEM194900:47:191026
9Richard GriffinMDOCM197200:47:561021
10Jim CookePOTOCM196200:48:271016
11Alain KydMDOCM197000:49:421005
12Caroline BrammerDEEF196700:50:40996
13Chris RostronMDOCM194700:50:47995
14Peter PotterDEEM195600:50:51995
15Elizabeth BalesPOTOCF196200:51:45987
16Peter HayesMDOCM195800:53:55967
17Rebecca McCreadieDEEF197600:54:40961
18Guy LingfordMDOCM195700:54:55959
19Kath SpeakMDOCF195900:57:37935
20john williamsMDOCM195200:58:40925
21Graham HorrocksDEEM196100:59:18920
22John BrammerDEEM195901:00:52906
23Neil LaidlawMDOCM195901:04:08877
24Gordon WittePOTOCM195501:07:54843
25Ian AnkersPOTOCM194901:07:56843
26Cecilia FenertyMDOCF196401:08:37837
27Denise BroomPOTOCF196002:07:16316
-Peter CarlillNORM195800:43:20
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