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HH Jack of Herts , 15/10/2023

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Short Green (length: 4.175km, climb: 45m, 14 controls)
Point calculations
826.73 + (101.97 x (4,427.31 - T)) / 856.41
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Heather MuirF200200:38:08
2Martin LockGOM194800:45:431027
3Alex SteenM200200:47:30
4Ian SmithWAOCM195600:54:07967
5Hannah NesbitHHF197400:59:52926
6Sandra MatherSMOCF196601:03:32900
7Dave NormanCHIGM195701:04:41892
8Sarah Hammond WardHHF197601:04:55890
9Neil RickardsM198301:06:46
10Emese SvabHHF197401:08:04868
11Pattie BeresfordTVOCF194901:10:03853
12Tim PribulCHIGM194901:13:52826
13Viv HodsonHHF196401:16:04810
14Noreen IvesWAOCF195301:16:39806
15Jamie HiltonINDM201701:19:06
16John HarrisWAOCM194601:19:34785
17Jane BreedHHF195201:21:35771
18Ros JamesSMOCF196101:26:05739
19Rosie MerryDFOKF196301:27:30729
20Heidi LloydTVOCF197701:27:32729
21Robert BaldingRAFOM194601:41:11631
22Sally PribulCHIGF195401:45:44599
23Zac VaughanBKOM200802:12:07
-Alison SaundersHHF195901:17:58
-Frances GoldingayHHF194901:59:27
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