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ELO SoSOL, 24/03/2024

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Brown (length: 8.6km, climb: 200m, 35 controls)
Point calculations
1,226.35 + (48.08 x (4,302.75 - T)) / 534.85
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Murray StrainINTM198300:58:101299
2Laurence WardINTM200700:59:041295
3Joel AtkinsonELOM200600:59:361292
4Iain WhitesideM198901:00:46
5Donald NaylorELOM197401:04:21
6Thomas AthorneSTAGM198801:10:221234
7Mark WoodFVOM196801:10:401232
8Ross LyallELOM199201:13:001219
9Claire WardINTF197701:13:091219
10Rob LittleINDM198401:14:07
11Jonathan EllisELOM197901:20:271179
12Dermot BailieELOM197901:25:51
13Alastair MackenzieCLOKM195801:27:241142
14David SimpsonM198401:39:11
15Steph ValentinELOF197901:40:04
-Andrew CunninghamELOM197601:21:20
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