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SYO Regional Middle Distance Event (rescheduled from 26 Nov 2023), 13/01/2024

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Brown (length: 4.3km, climb: 260m, 25 controls)
Point calculations
1,197.68 + (70.44 x (4,490.67 - T)) / 841.90
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Andrew PowellDVOM198200:51:071317
2Alex RothmanSYOM197901:01:481263
3Jim TruemanMDOCM196401:02:571257
4Alice RigbyCLOKF199701:04:441248
5David NewtonDVOM197801:09:531223
6Marcus ScotneyFVOM197401:10:441218
7Jenny EvansSYO000001:10:54
8Adam McCreadieDEEM197701:11:491213
9Rebecca WardSHUOCF200301:11:541212
10John DoyleSYOM200701:13:121206
11Philip Johnston-DavisRAFOM197301:15:511193
12Sebastian PughSYOM198701:18:221180
13David ToddSYOM196601:18:581177
14Marcus BrewerIND000001:20:02
15Paul WalwynSYOM198001:21:081166
16Liam OverettIND000001:30:53
17David RichesCLOKM196201:42:361058
18Gilbert LeeMDOCM199001:47:371033
-James GarnettSYOM196801:12:16
-Greg MayPFOM198001:23:17
-Steve SchofieldNOCM196301:29:47
-James BryantSYOM200700:53:27
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