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RR Winter Local 2, 03/02/2024

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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Ian MaxwellRRM196000:19:51
2John TullieRRM195700:25:15
3Edmund RooneyRRM196100:27:36
4Margaret DalgleishESOCF195200:34:42
5Leslie DalgleishESOCM195000:35:11
6Fiona JohnstonRRF196000:37:29
7Roddy MacLeodRR00:38:33
8Elizabeth VernonESOC00:38:39
9Gareth Owen00:40:32
10Michael VernonESOC00:41:57
11Bridget KhursheedRRF196500:44:40
12Sam McKinnonRRM200100:44:42
13Charles Gunn-RussellESOC00:44:57
14Max ArthurRR00:47:14
15Robert CranstonRRM196501:00:59
16Kenny Gunn-RussellESOC01:22:37
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