Rules and Competition Rules

Event Competition Rules

Events registered with British Orienteering are governed by the Rules of Orienteering.
Additionally, many competitions are regulated by separate Competition Rules, which give competitors and event official’s information about what to expect from that competition.

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Rules of Orienteering

British Orienteering Rules and Appendices - Issue 3.10

 Competition Rules

Competition Rule
A: British Long Distance Orienteering Championships


B: British Middle Distance Orienteering Championships


C: British Sprint Distance Orienteering Championships


D: British Relay Orienteering Championships


E: British Night Orienteering Championships


F: Jan Kjellström Sprint


G: Jan Kjellström Individual Cross-country


H: Jan Kjellström Relays


I: Area Championships


J: UK Orienteering League


K: Harvester Relays


L: Yvette Baker Trophy


M: Peter Palmer Junior Team Relay


N: Badge Scheme


O: Junior Inter-Regional Championships


P: British Schools Score Championships
Q: British Schools Orienteering Championships

RJ: Junior Home Internationals
RS: Senior Home Internationals
RV: Veteran Home Internationals

S: Ranking Scheme


T: British Sprint Relay Championships  1.0

Other, useful documents

Rule Change Process

As an interim measure, all rule changes or waiver requests should be sent to Chair Events & Competitions committee with the subject line titled "BOF Rule Change and Waiver Request".

Rule Change Form

Rule Waiver Form

IOF Control Descriptions 2018 (updated March 6, 2019)

Protests and Complaints

As a competitor, if you feel that the Rules are not being followed there is a procedure to follow.
Any complaint should initially be discussed with the Event Organiser, using the standard Complaints/Protests form.  When approaching the Organiser or any other event official you should bear in mind that they are volunteers who have given their valuable time to lay on the event, often under circumstances which are not ideal.
If the complaint is not resolved satisfactorily then a protest can be lodged with the Controller who will, if necessary, convene a Jury.