Xplorer Schools

Xplorer Schools


Developed in partnership with Youth Sports Trust, Xplorer Schools is a new cross-curricular resource from British Orienteering, designed to introduce orienteering to Primary school pupils.

The tool-kit enables teachers to deliver fun, active and inclusive educational activity to KS1 and lower KS2 pupils. Everything you need is enclosed including instructions and templates to deliver 8 sessions enabling you to confidently deliver the Xplorer Schools activities and sessions. The activity sessions provided in the pack are designed to enable basic understanding and associated physical skills in a fun and exciting manner.

The resource cards provided in this pack are designed to enable a basic understanding of orienteering whilst developing the essential physical, thinking and social skills through a fun, inclusive and exciting approach to teaching and learning – each resource card highlights the key skills the children will learn.

Xplorer Schools complements the national curriculum and provides many cross-curricular and themed opportunities. The resource can be used as standalone activities or linked active learning opportunities within the curriculum, as a lunchtime activity or an after school club.

Xplorer Schools is a fantastic way to get children learning outside the classroom – but all activities can be adapted for the outdoor or indoor environment.

It will give your pupils the skills needed to progress to an Xplorer event in their local park; used together they could provide the basis for a festival or a series of multi skills stations enhancing your school’s intra- and inter-school experiences.

Xplorer Schools is available for purchase now through Youth Sport Direct.