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Development Conference 2022

Information on the Virtual Development Conference - January 2022

We are pleased to showcase a variety of sessions aimed to support your club with the development of Orienteering in your area, across the whole of the UK.

The sessions will focus on four key areas:

Changing Perspectives

Creating Engaging Experiences

Strengthening Lifelong Pathways

Providing Foundations for Success

Sessions will be delivered live using Go To Webinar and hosted by both Scottish Orienteering Association and British Orienteering Federation. 

Each session is highlighted below and the agenda is also available via PDF download. 

Week 1


Monday 10 January


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Engaging and retaining young people.


Presenter: Fran Loots, Scottish Orienteering Association

The workshop will explore the various pathways that can be used to engage and retain juniors and young people including:

Non-performance based approaches such as, club coaching, STAR awards, area teams, juniors planning and organising workshops and opportunities, Young Leaders Award.

Performance options - via selective squads.


Wednesday 12 January


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Using Sport England data to guide club publicity.


Presenter: Mike Shires, Thames Valley Orienteering

A practical session to help clubs use a wealth of data from Sport England, identifying who in your area is most likely to want to go orienteering, and how to attract them. Mike will also present a "quick fix", for those clubs who do not have the time/resources to look at the data in detail and provide publicity ideas which can be used for clubs anywhere in the UK.


Thursday 13 January


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Creating a whole club experience


Presenter: Pauline Tryner, SYOC

This session we will be looking at what makes a successful club which is more than just putting on quality events.

Week 2


Monday 17 January


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Retaining beginner orienteers


Presenter: Neil Cameron, The Orienteering Foundation

Neil will present the key points from the Orienteering Foundation’s newcomer retention project, including Good Practice recommendations; results from a survey of club websites’ beginner/newcomer content; and the findings of three “mystery visits” made by beginners to club events.


Wednesday 19 January


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Access and Permissions – An Ecologist and Landowner’s Perspective


Presenters: Leanne Sargeant and Richard Burke, Forestry England

This session will allow clubs the opportunity to look at and understand land and access issues from the perspective of a landowner and ecologist; in particular the special qualities of the New Forest. It will also look at how Forestry England are planning on managing recreation in the future which will hopefully advise clubs on future event applications.


Thursday 20 January


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Supporting club development through the employment of a Club Development Officer


Presenters: Andrew Evans, The Orienteering Foundation and Caroline Mackenzie and Mary Fleming from Cleveland Orienteering Klub

Andrew would like to explain the help the Orienteering Foundation can offer to support club development; an example of this is the employment of a Club Development Officer (CDO). We will look at CLOK as a case study, Caroline will explain how the club came about shaping a plan and recruiting a CDO and Mary will set out the ideas and programmes she has recently been involved with. 

Week 3


Monday 24 January


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WOC 2024 Development Opportunities


Presenter: Sarah Dunn, Scottish Orienteering Association

The workshop will explore ideas for using WOC 2024 as a platform around which to create some specific lead-in opportunities for new participation in orienteering, especially for young people and in a sprint (urban park) setting.

Feedback and input will be sought from clubs and members in relation to some specific ideas that will be outlined ahead of the workshop.


Thursday 27 January


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Women’s Sporting Journeys


Presenter: Hannah Sprake, Sports Marketing Surveys

Hannah wishes to share with you the ‘Women’s Sporting Journeys: How to keep women engaged in sport throughout their lives’ report.


With a specific focus on Orienteering, we will look at how women’s experiences change through their life stages and identify opportunities to help more women enjoy a longer and more connected sporting journey.

Week 4


Tuesday 1 February


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Presenter: Peter Brooke, British Orienteering

This is an opportunity for clubs to look at this area of their governance to ensure there is a sure foundation for the club to be a safe place for their members.


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