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Get Active Locally

Due to COVID-19, there are restrictions across the UK. The resources and activities listed here are to support individual exercise (or exercise within your household/support bubble) and should only be undertaken if they are local to you. 

Orienteering is a great way to stay active locally in the area where you live and within the government COVID-19 restrictions. 

British Orienteering want you to have fun, and continue to find ways to staying active. Check out these free orienteering activities and fun challenges to do at home, in the garden or in local green spaces.

Design your own orienteering course around your house, or in the garden. 

This is easy to do, and it's loads of fun!  For advice on how to use downloadable software such as OCAD to Map your Home within the 'External Resources' section below.  For a home map, we simply recommend using a green triangle as the start symbol and red circles numbered for the markers.  For traditional control markers, you can download and print these numbered markers (1 to 10) and / or download and print the other two blank markers and design your own course around your house and garden. 


Dizzy Directions - Challenge your child to race to the different compass points. Learn about the activity and download the markers you'll need here.

More videos demonstrating this activity are available on our YouTube channel.

Knolls and Depressions

Knolls and depressions
Dizzy directions

Indoor Activities

Orienteering Puzzles 

We have a range of quick puzzles to download and try. Can you complete them all?


Maze puzzle
Sudoku symbol puzzle

Matching Symbols - Can you match the map feature, with the terrain picture and the control description?

Many more downloadable resources will be coming soon!

External Resources

There are lots of other resources and activities which you can also find below. If you have something to share please get in touch with us and as long as we can get the permission, we will share it here.

Orienteering Specific


Sport England's advice and supporting resources on how to Stay Active at Home.

Learning Resources from the Youth Sport Trust.

England Athletics at home resources including downloads and videos.

Download, print & have fun!