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Orienteering is an exciting and challenging outdoor sport that exercises both mind and body. The aim is to navigate between control points marked on an orienteering map; as a competitive sport the challenge is to complete the course in the quickest time choosing your own best route; as a recreational activity it does not matter how young, old or fit you are, as you can run or walk making progress at your own pace on the courses planned to suit you.

Orienteering can take place anywhere from remote forest and countryside to urban areas, parks and school playgrounds. Orienteering is a fulfilling sport for runners and walkers of all ages who want to test themselves mentally as well as physically or who want to add variety to their leisure activities. Read More


Club and Volunteer Awards Open for Nominations

British Orienteering are looking for nominees for our 2016 Club and Volunteer Awards and want to recognise and award some of the great work being done across the sport of orienteering by our clubs and volunteers of all ages.  Awards will be presented at the next British Orienteering Annual General Meeting on Friday 14 April 2017.

The Award Categories open for nominations: 

Club of the Year Award
A proactive club that is an important part of the local community, demonstrates a commitment to development of the club, members, volunteers and coaches and provides a range of activities that promote the club and engage both members and the wider community.
The Club of the Year nomination form is available here.

University Club of the Year Award
A proactive university club that demonstrates a commitment to development of the club, members, volunteers and coaches and provides a range of activities that promote the club and engage both members and the wider student population.
The University Club of the Year nomination form can be found here.

Young Volunteer of the Year Award
A volunteer under the age of 25 who has demonstrated a commitment to supporting delivery of orienteering activity with passion, energy and enthusiasm.  The Young Volunteer of the Year Award nomination form can be found here.

A person or persons who have made a very significant contribution to orienteering over a period of years with an emphasis on ‘field' activities rather than committee work.  Silva Award nomination form.

Coach of the Year Award
Coach of the Year award is looking for coaches who demonstrate success in engaging new people in orienteering, improving performance of orienteers and mentoring and developing other coaches.  The Coach of the Year Award nomination form can be found here.

All nominations need to be submitted and received at National Office by 5.00pm on Friday 10 March 2017.

The nominations will be judged by the Development Steering Group and the awards will be presented at the British Orienteering’s 2017 Annual General Meeting on Friday 14 April 2017 at Brunel University, Uxbridge.

Further details and nomination forms are available here.

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Entries open for first round of junior selection races, 25th and 26th March, 2017

Entries are now open for the first round of junior selection races for 2017. The results of these races, along with other criteria, will inform selection into the Talent Squad, invites to the summer training camp (23rd - 28th July) and teams for the international junior competitions.

There will be an M/W16-20 junior sprint selection race at Warwick University on Saturday 25th March. Competitors should register their intent to compete in this race by emailing Paul Murgatroyd, Head Coach for Talent.  Further details of the weekend can be found here.

There will also be a selection race at the Midlands Championship event on Sunday 26th March (M/W16-20) which forms part of the Warwickshire Orienteering Weekend. Competitors should register for their respective class through Fabian 4 here.

These races are the first of three selection rounds. Round 2 is made up of the JK Sprint, Middle and Long (14th – 16th April) and Round 3 will be the British Long Championships (6th May).

Selections will be made for EYOC, JWOC, the Summer Talent Camps and the preliminary team for JEC, after the British Long Championships.

For full selection details click here.

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2017 World Orienteering Day


Wednesday 24 May 2017

World Orienteering Day in 2017 aims to be another record breaking event!

On Wednesday 24 May 2017, the International Orienteering Federation are again encouraging people of all ages to take part in orienteering events and activities across the UK. 

The International Orienteering Federation currently has 70 member federations. The World Orienteering Day has a great potential to be spread all over the world.  Last year the first ever World Orienteering Day took place all over the world. It proved to be a great success, with more than 250 000 participants all around the world taking part in an orienteering event.


Photography credit (photo left):  Ulf Palm 

The International Orienteering Federation’s goals regarding the organisation of this annual event are as follows:

  • Increasing the visibility and accessibility of orienteering to young people

  • Increasing the number of participants both in the schools’ activities as well and in the clubs' activities in all countries of National Federations, and to get more new countries to take part in orienteering

  • Helping teachers to implement orienteering in a fun and educational way by providing schools with materials such as maps, orienteering exercises and equipment





The World Orienteering Day offers a great possibility to promote our sport!

Göran Andersson, Project Manager of World Orienteering Day, International Orienteering Federation, said:
"World Orienteering Day is International Orienteering Federation's most important tool to develop orienteering globally as a cool and awesome sport. Your work with World Orienteering Day locally is crucial for success. Please join us!"

The World Orienteering Day Guidelines are now available and can be downloaded here.

Promotional toolkit of resources available including flyers, stickers and more can be accessed here.

Registeration is open and you can register your orienteering event and activities here.

For more information about World Orienteering Day 2017 visit:


Photography credit (left and right):  Ulf Palm


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First selections for World Cup Round 1 announced

Many congratulations to six athletes who have gained early selection to the TEAM to represent Great Britain in Round 1 of the 2017 World Cup, in Finland 24th – 28th May 2017.

British Orienteering have been granted six men’s and six women’s places in each event along with three sprint relay teams and are committed to selecting a large team of athletes that will be working towards the 2017 target of achieving a relay medal. Three men and three women have been given early selection as certainties for the team.

The Long Distance competition is somewhat unusual as it includes a chasing start with athletes’ start times based on the sum of their finishing times in the sprint qualification and the middle race and so those selected for the long are also selected for the sprint and the middle.

British Orienteering’s Performance Manager and selector, Jackie Newton, said:  "We are delighted to confirm the first six selections of athletes for this World Cup team, all of whom performed exceptionally well in 2016 IOF competitions. Graham Gristwood, Peter Hodkinson, Hollie Orr and Ralph Street, through their performances at last year’s EOC and WOC, demonstrated their potential to be on medal winning teams in 2017 and Megan Carter-Davies’ performances at JWOC and WUOC demonstrate the talent that she has and her potential for future WOCs. We are also delighted to be able to select Tessa Strain who made her international comeback at the World Cup Finals last September. At that stage, with only a few months consistent training behind her, Tessa delivered a world class sprint race and in so doing underlined her potential to race well in 2017. It is important for British Orienteering to build on the momentum from the last two years and convert our podium places, and particularly the 4th places, into medals. Some of our top athletes are not available for or have not yet decided if they will compete in this first World Cup and this gives opportunity to others. We look forward to naming the full team after JK.”

The British Orienteering Selection documents can be found here.


World Cup Round 1

Men’s Sprint

Women’s Sprint

Men’s Middle

Women’s Middle

Men’s Long

Women’s Long

Mixed Sprint Relay

Graham Gristwood

Peter Hodkinson

Ralph Street

Megan Carter-Davies

Hollie Orr

Tessa Strain

Graham Gristwood

Ralph Street

Hollie Orr

Graham Gristwood

Ralph Street

Hollie Orr

Megan Carter-Davies

Peter Hodkinson

Tessa Strain

Ralph Street

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Kris Jones gets 2017 off to a flying start


British Orienteering’s Kris Jones has again impressed on rivals what a formidable performer he is as he builds towards the World Orienteering Championships 2017 and adds another Scottish title to his collection. Winning the indoor 3,000m title in 8:07, last night, adds to his 2016 Scottish titles over 5,000m and 10km.

Over the last few months, Kris has put together a string of impressive performances. In November he ran a 10km pb of 29:32 and on New Year's Eve was victorious over 5k at the popular Nos Galen event, in South Wales, where his 14:11 broke the course record by six seconds.

Kris is currently building his training towards the World Orienteering Championships 2017 and will next be seen in action at the Scottish Inter-District Cross Country Championships, which takes place at Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, on Saturday alongside the International XC event. Kris will represent the East District along with Scott Fraser, Peter Hodkinson and Murray Strain, whilst Alasdair McLeod also lines up representing the West. British Orienteering will also be watching out for our junior athletes who will represent Scottish Students: Alex Carcas, Sasha Chepelin and Jack Leitch along with Finlay Todd, who will represent the North and Freddie Carcas, who goes in the Under 17 race for the East.

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Sport England Funding

Today British Orienteering has learnt of the outcome to our ‘Talent’ funding submission to Sport England.

After meeting with Sport England contacts throughout the summer and early autumn, British Orienteering were invited in October to make a submission to Sport England for funding through the period 2017/21. We have recently learnt that Sport England has deferred their decision about ‘Core’ funding for orienteering and the announcement made this morning by Sport England provides information about our ‘Talent’ funding which is provided through the National Lottery sports fund.

In an ‘invitation to submit for funding’, Sport England agreed that British Orienteering should make a submission for funding in two areas of work: ‘Core’ funding to strengthen the work we do to retain members and regular participants, and ‘Talent’ funding to further develop our talent programme.

Unfortunately, late last week we were informed that during the financial assessment of our bid the following were flagged as risks:

'A 50% reduction in its annual income from Sport England which has included £138k contribution towards back office; [and]

Concern around the ability of the NGB to deliver its income generation growth strategy’

This was underpinned by:

‘(a) implementing without appropriate resources e.g. no Commercial Manager and;

(b) the projected growth of 12% is not enough. The NGB is not able to reduce its cost base further without restricting its ability to deliver outcomes.'

The communication went on to say:

‘Both at peer review and in a portfolio review by the exec, there was significant concerns about this, with concerns about the sustainability of the NGB should projected growth fail to materialise and income not be generated to meet the reduction in other areas of income. The decision was taken to defer a decision to the board to February. This will give all involved the time to resolve the issue and give the reassurances required. The board are looking closely at NGB finances as part of these funding decision, so [those] giving the right levels of reassurance get approval.’

The Sport England Board agreed that the decision regarding ‘Core’ funding should be deferred until February and that ‘Talent’ should receive a low level of funding to allow British Orienteering to transition into a position where Sport England will no longer fund the talent programme.

The reasons provided in a phone call for this decision to cease funding the orienteering talent programme were:

  1. Orienteering is not an Olympic, Paralympic or Commonwealth Games sport

  2. The participation base is small in scale

The National Lottery funding agreed by Sport England to be made to British Orienteering for talent is £266,658 and the conditions attached to the funding will be confirmed shortly.

In this round of funding decisions, £88m is committed to supporting National Governing Bodies and it is disappointing that the commitment to support the talent programme is low at £266,658 which is a third of the funding for the last 4-year funding cycling. Even more concerning is the fact that Sport England intend to end their support for the talent programme.

On the positive side, we are hopeful that the perceived problems with our financial position can be resolved quickly and that we are awarded substantial ‘Core’ funding for the 2017/21 period.

Further information can be found here.

Item posted by Scott Parker, Administrator, on behalf of Mike Hamilton, Chief Executive.

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2016-17 Development and Performance Programme selections

Left to right:  Kris Jones, Ralph Street, Hector Haines after the World Orienteering Championships Forest Relay 2015, 4th place.

British Orienteering has announced the selection of 36 athletes for its Senior Performance Programmes in 2016–2017, as the teams focus towards converting podium places to medals over the next five years.

The British Orienteering Development and Performance Programme selections are based upon the potential to win medals in relay or individual events in the World Orienteering Championships (WOC) and is split into two levels: Performance (for athletes with the potential to win medals in the next one to three years) and Development (for athletes with the potential to win medals in the next two to five years). In addition, the Watch Squad includes athletes that are transitioning between junior and senior programmes.

British Orienteeirng has selected 11 athletes for its Performance Programme and 9 athletes for its Development Programme. 16 athletes have been selected for the Watch Squad. 

British Orienteering Performance Manager, Jackie Newton, said: "2016 was an exciting year for the British Orienteering Programme as, for the first time ever, we achieved podium success in every IOF Championship. This has inspired and gives us confidence to go after the medals. We need squads that are focused towards this vision and our selections reflect this.  The athletes will receive support and expert input to progress their abilities, reach their full potential and achieve our aims and we are very much looking forward to working with them towards these aims over the next year".


Graham Gristwood - FVO

Hector Haines – INT

Peter Hodkinson – NOC

Kristian Jones - FVO/SBOC

Alasdair McLeod – CLYDE

Hollie Orr – LOC

Tessa Strain – EUOC

Ralph Street – SLOW

Catherine Taylor – CLOK

Jess Tullie – BASOC

Charlotte Ward - HALO


Megan Carter-Davies - MWOC

Alan Cherry - EBOR

Jonathan Crickmore - EUOC

William Gardner - OD/ShUOC

Alice Leake - SN

Jo Shepherd – INVOC

Aidan Smith - SYO

Christopher Smithard - DEE

Charlotte Watson - WCOC


Dane Blomquist - ShUOC/SYO

Peter Bray - SN

Lucy Butt - SARUM

Matthew Elkington - OD/ShUOC

Julie Emmerson – OD

Zoe Harding - EUOC

Sarah Jones - EUOC/LOC

Kirstin Maxwell - RR

Rhona McMillan - ShUOC

Jamie Parkinson - DEVON/OUOC

Adam Potter - BOK

Mark Purkis - EUOC

Katie Reynolds - SBOC/EUOC

William Rigg - LOC/EUOC

Oliver Williams - DEE

Joe Woodley - ShUOC


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British Orienteering have announced that 22 athletes have been invited to join the 2016-17 British Orienteering Talent Programme.

The Talent Programme, that is partly supported by Sport England, is a British Orienteering programme, which aims to support athletes in fulfilling their junior potential, before transitioning on to senior success. The 2016-17 programme, which began with a coaching camp last weekend, will continue British Orienteering's drive towards delivering medals in World Championships, by identifying those with the ability to succeed at the Junior World Orienteering Championships and providing targeted support that enables them to achieve excellence.

Included in the selections are, Grace Molloy and Alastair Thomas, who both won podium places at the European Youth Orienteering Championships, along with Fiona Bunn; Alexander Chepelin; Harrison McCartney; Jennifer Ricketts; Alice Rigby and Daniel Stansfield who all representative Great Britain at the 2016 Junior World Orienteering Championships.

Megan Carter-Davies, who achieved an individual 4th and 7th at this year's Junior World Orienteering Championships, graduated from last year’s programme into the Development Squad for 2016-17, whilst Dane Blomquist, Julie Emmerson, Sarah Jones, William Rigg and Joe Woodley have moved through to the Watch Squad and are aiming also to make this transition within the next two seasons.

Megan has been supported by the programme since 2011. She said: "I'm really grateful for the support over the past five years from the programme. I came away from every weekend/camp having learnt a lot and feeling freshly motivated to train and learn more. As well as that, I made some amazing friends and also feel as though any of the coaches would continue to support me today if I asked them. I hope the athletes selected for this year's Talent Programme can take as much from it as I did."

Paul Murgatroyd, Head Coach for Talent, said: "2016 is a year which promises much for the future. The European Youth Orienteering Championships was our most successful ever, with 80% of the squad achieving a top 20 in at least one of the two individual disciplines, and Grace and Alastair appeared on the podium on their international debuts. Megan's performance in the sprint and middle races at the Junior World Orienteering Championships was outstanding, especially given her injury problems earlier in the year, and she also set the girl's relay team up for their best ever result at the Junior World Orienteering Championships. Finally, the Junior European Cup gave many in the squad opportunities to build on this potential and it was heartening to see Laura King, Cecilie Andersen and Harrison McCartney all so close to a medal in the sprint and Alex Carcas' and Fiona Bunn's first leg relay runs were also outstanding. 2017 should hopefully bring more success for this dedicated group of talented individuals."

The 22 athletes supported by the British Orienteering Talent Programme 2016-2017 are:

Cecilie Andersen - Bristol Orienteering Klub

Fiona Bunn - Thames Valley Orienteering Club

Eilidh Campbell - Mar Orienteering Club

Alex Carcas - Interlopers Orienteering Club

Freddie Carcas - Interlopers Orienteering Club

Alastair Chapman - Mar Orienteering Club

Jake Chapman - Mar Orienteering Club

Alexander Chepelin - Edinburgh University Orienteering Club

Lucy Haines - Airienteers

Zac Hudd - West Cumberland Orienteering Club

Niamh Hunter - West Cumberland Orienteering Club

Laura King - Airienteers

Harrison McCartney - Octavian Droobers

Grace Molloy - Forth Valley Orienteers

Jennifer Ricketts - Edinburgh University Orienteering Club

Aidan Rigby - Cleveland Orienteering Klub

Alice Rigby - Cleveland Orienteering Klub / Sheffield University Orienteering Club

Tara Schwarze-Chintapatia - Eborienteers

Daniel Spencer - West Cumberland Orienteering Club

Daniel Stansfield - Forth Valley Orienteers

Alastair Thomas - West Cumberland Orienteering Club

Finlay Todd - Inverness Orienteering Club


Item posted by Jackie Newton, Performance Manager

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Being brilliant at the basics: Blencathra training camp

Athletes from the British performance and development squads headed to Keswick for our latest training camp. This weekend focused on getting the team to be ‘brilliant at the basics’ and included training sessions, workshops, and discussions on how to prepare for a successful 2017 season.

Based at the Blencathra field centre which provided stunning views of the surrounding area, Saturday morning began with a team discussion on 2016 and the year ahead. This offered a good opportunity for individuals to voice opinions on current squad dynamics and any changes that might benefit the team moving forward. The athletes then headed out to Lodore Forest for a technical training session with the location offering fantastic scenery along with some challenging running for the team across tricky terrain. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this session which involved plenty of head to head racing along with an element of surprise and unpredictability!

After a well-earned lunch, the team re-grouped for a talk on nutrition given by sports nutritionist Jasmine Campbell. Jasmine stressed the importance of the ‘four R’s’ of refuelling, rehydrating, rebuilding and resting after exercise. The athletes were shown ways to optimise their diets through eating smarter in order to recover quicker from tough sessions. Team performance was the final session of day one which, facilitated by Jim Evans, saw the athletes discuss their thoughts about how the group was progressing and any changes they might like to see. Team Manager Dave Rollins then provided everyone with a highly entertaining quiz to round off the first day, with cracker eating, face pegging and ‘creative’ firework designs separating intense rounds that proved a serious test of the athletes’ general and sporting knowledge.

Quite contrastingly to the previous day, Sunday brought snow, wind and rain. The first topic of the day was training and most importantly how to train specifically for certain events. Led by Alister Russell, the athletes were asked think about what training they do and why they do certain sessions. They then designed their own key session to fit into a normal training week, demonstrating how they would progress the session over the year and offer justification for doing it. Afterwards, discussions continued from the previous day’s conversation and everyone gathered to discuss the topics that had arisen. This proved to be a productive session in which everyone could voice opinions on a range of areas such as analysis of training and races, staying in touch between camps and the group plan for the following months.


With key issues covered, the team planned a few routes and set out in different groups for an afternoon run, with some heading up into the mountains to make the most of our location. The rain eventually subsided but strong winds and cold temperatures made for some tough conditions along the hill tops of Skiddaw. With everyone returned safely, there was time for a final feast before the first groups had to depart to meet train and flight deadlines.

It was another busy weekend with a lot to pack into just two days.  However, Blencathra set the scene for a very enjoyable weekend.

We look forward to the next one!

We would like to thank:  West Cumbria Orienteering Club and the National trust for the permission to use Lodore Woods for Training; Blencathra Field Studies Centre for their warm welcome and excellent accommodation; Jim Evans for his professional approach and work on teambuilding and communication and Jasmine Campbell for her interesting and informative workshop on Performance Nutrition.

Finally, a huge congratulations goes to Kris Jones on an outstanding 10K PB of 29.32 at the Leeds Abbey Dash race on Sunday.





Item posted by Jennie Taylor, Marketing Manager on behalf of Performance and Talent.

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British Orienteering Extraordinary General Meeting Results

The Extraordinary General Meeting was held on Saturday 29th October 2016 at The Priory Rooms, in Birmingham at 11am.  The result of the votes for the proposal to increase membership fees and levy was concluded and announced.

The proposal comprised of two options:

There were four ways in which members could cast their votes; FOR Option 1, FOR Option 2, AGAINST or ABSTAIN.

A total of 1,300 proxy votes were sent into the British Orienteering National Office before the deadline date (5pm on Thursday 27 October 2016)   

In addition, a total of 42 members cast their votes at the Extraordinary General Meeting on Saturday 29 October 2016.

The votes cast at the EGM were then added to the proxy votes.  The overall votes cast by members were as follows:

FOR – Option 1 will now be implemented.

Thank you to all members for taking the time to vote. 

Best wishes,

British Orienteering


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News Headlines


Women in Orienteering

British Orienteering have identified the area of women’s participation in orienteering as a priority area of work and are seeking to look further into this area over the next few months by conducting some research.

2017 World Orienteering Day

Save the date! Wednesday 24 May 2017. The International Orienteering Federation are again encouraging people of all ages to take part in orienteering events and activities across the UK.

Unleash your inner adventurer – THE ROUTE is coming.

Three stunning locations, hundreds of adventurers and an unlimited amount of fun; British Orienteering in partnership with Perfect Motion and TrailPlus are delighted to announce entries are open for THE ROUTE.

Club and Volunteer Awards 2016

We want to recognise and award some of the great work being done across the sport of orienteering during 2016 by our clubs and volunteers of all ages during 2016.

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