World Orienteering Championships
Inverness, Scotland
31 July - 7 August 2015
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Let the World Orienteering Championships begin!
You can follow the World Orienteering Championships at home online, with live video streaming, audio commentary, GPS tracking and results. Three races - the Sprint Relay, Sprint Final, and Relay - will be broadcast live on BBC Alba, with broadcasters in other countries also showing various live races or highlights packages. For more information:

Welcome to British Orienteering

Orienteering is an exciting and challenging outdoor sport that exercises both mind and body. The aim is to navigate between control points marked on an orienteering map; as a competitive sport the challenge is to complete the course in the quickest time choosing your own best route; as a recreational activity it does not matter how young, old or fit you are, as you can run or walk making progress at your own pace on the courses planned to suit you.

Orienteering can take place anywhere from remote forest and countryside to urban areas, parks and school playgrounds. Orienteering is a fulfilling sport for runners and walkers of all ages who want to test themselves mentally as well as physically or who want to add variety to their leisure activities. Read More


Podium position for Cat at today's WOC middle

 The World Orienteering Championships middle distance event took place today and the home crowd were thrilled that Cat Taylor ran herself onto the podium with a fantastic fifth place.

Photo - Womens WOC middle distance podium places. Photo by Gary Murison Photography. 

Photo - Cat Taylor celebrating her 5th place middle distance podium finish. Photo by Gary Murison Photography.

The race was staged in the complex glacial terrain of Darnaway, seat of the Earls of Moray for many centuries. The forest has a wealth of subtle contour detail, with many small lumps and bumps which tested the athlete's navigational skills as well as their strength-endurance.

The current Earl of Moray (the 2015 World Championships Patron) was present at the 1976 World Championships in Darnaway, where athletes battled it out in the Long race.

The arena was positioned on the hillside, in front of Darnaway Castle, and the athletes ran in a horse-shoe shape from the final control to the finish, giving the spectators the opportunity to cheer them through on their sprint finish.

The women's race was off first and Britain's Jessica Tullie soon gave the British supporters the chance to celebrate as she stormed into the arena in, what was, at the time, the second fastest time of the day. Interviewed by Mark Nixon, she said, "I had a pretty good race, but I'm not sure about some of my route choices. The visibility in the forest is quite poor, and there are a lot of trees on the ground, so it's tough running." Jessica's final position was a very impressive 17th in what is her WOC debut.

British interest then turned to Cat Taylor whose progress was being shown regularly on the big screen. It was exciting to see that Cat was running extremely well after a misake at control 2. She went through control 16 in a new best time and then into the finish with the fastest time, so far, of the day. The supporters were, once again, given the opportunity for celebration!

Click on the ipadio recording below to hear Cat talk about her race.

Hollie Orr was the third British athlete to race in the middle event but things didn't go well for Hollie and she came home in 57th place. Hollie has made the difficult decision to withdraw from the relay tomorrow and so will be replaced by Jessica Tullie.

The race was won by Annika Billstam, of Sweden, who retained her title in style. Merja Rantanen of Finland was second and Emma Johansson, also of Sweden, was third.

The first British man to run was Alasdair McLeod and, once again, the supporters were glued to the screen and delighted to see that he went through the 8th control with the 2nd fastest time, so far. He made good progress and his final position was a credible 28th on his WOC debut.

Graham Gristwood was the next British starter out of the blocks but news soon came that Graham had started more slowly than expected and he was unable to pick up his pace. He was disappointed with his final position of 20th and reported that he has been 'off-colour' for a couple of days.

Hector Haines also started slowly. He was eventually caught by Daniel Hubmann who started 90 seconds later and Hector was able to pick up his pace and keep in touch with Daniel through to the finish giving him a final position of 10th. Click on the ipadio recording below to hear Hector speak about his race:

The men's race was incredibly close, with just 46 seconds separating the top seven. Daniel Hubmann, of Switzerland, was triumphant, collecting a Middle gold medal to go with the Sprint, Long and Relay golds he has won in the past. There was a surprise silver medal for Lucas Basset, of France, who ran an excellent race to finish only three seconds down, with Olle Boström of Sweden taking the bronze. There was, of course, huge interest in Thierry Gueorgiou's race. Gueorgiou, who was described as the 'King of Orienteering' in the commentary, and is the partner of gold-winning Annika Billstam, got off to a flying start but he eventually came home for 7th place and out of the medals. He later tweeted, "Hard to be disappointed when and delivered right in time and make me deadly proud! "

Tomorrow sees the forest teams do battle in the relays that start with the women's event at 1355hrs and see the men take to the start line at 1600hrs. The relay competitions will also take place at Darnaway.

The British teams will be:

Good luck to both GB teams!

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Great Britain Forest Athletes Ready for World Orienteering Championships

The forest events get underway tomorrow at the 2015 World Orienteering Championships and the British athletes are fired up and ready to go after spending some time at the middle model event today. Team Coach, Liz Campbell, was upbeat as she explained that the forest is really similar to our test race area and said, "I think it's a little bit deceptive because, when you look up, it looks like you have really good visibility but actually the brashings mask some of the smaller features. They will have to be very careful  going into controls there's not always good attack points so it's really sharp orienteering." When asked how she feels the team will do, she replied, "They are all going to nail their runs and come back with smiles on their faces. They're going to do it!"

The Middle distance event takes place tomorrow in Darnaway Forest with the first starter away at 1154hrs.

Pictured below are Catherine Taylor (left) and Hollie Orr with Hector Haines training today.

Jessica Tullie will be first out of the start blocks for Great Britain as 39th starter at 1257hrs. Jessica, who is from Grantown on Spey, is making her WOC debut and has trained herself into the best shape of her life for this event. Next out of the blocks is the experienced Catherine Taylor who will be 51st starter at 1315hrs and Hollie Orr will go 60th at 1328hrs. Hollie said that she is looking forward to vocal support from the home crowd. “I think it’ll be great! At previous World Championships I’ve always felt the excitement of the crowd for their home athletes, and I remember thinking last year that ‘next year that cheer will be for us’ – it was both exciting and slightly terrifying.”

The men's race starts at 1418hrs and the first British athlete to tackle the course will be Alasdair McLeod who will be the 50th man to start at 1531hrs. Ali is from Evanton in Easter Ross and is making his World Championship debut in this race at the age of 24. Graham Gristwood, the most experienced athlete on the British team with a 2008 WOC Relay Gold medal to his name, will be the 65th starter at 1552hrs and Edinburgh-based Hector Haines will go off at 1602hrs in his fifth World Championships.

Tomorrow's start list can be found here.

The Forest Relay takes place on Wednesday at Darnaway and the Long distance will be held at Glen Affric on Friday.

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Every second counted at the World Orienteering Championships Sprint final

The WOC 2015 Individual Sprint final took place today and the competition was fierce with every second counting in the final results.

The race arena, that was located in Grant Park, offered a fabulous setting for this event that was to show case the world's best sprinters as they did battle around the streets of Forres. A big screen enabled the spectators to see the live action as it took place, along with GPS tracking, and this resulted in eruptions of cheering whenever a GB athlete was seen on the screen as well as in the arena.

Ruth Holmes and Alice Leake were the first British athletes to start just two minutes apart and had finished their race before their team-mate, Charlotte Ward (pictured) made her assault on the course 29 minutes later. Ruth's final position was 39th (16:33) with Alice finishing in 22nd (15:37) and a delighted Charlotte in 17th. (15:27).

Ruth  was disappointed with her position and felt that it hadn't been her day but was, nevertheless, pleased to have been a finalist in the World Championships.

Alice was over the moon with her performance at her WOC debut and described it as the best hour of her life.



Click on the ipadio recording below to hear Charlotte talk about her race. At the time of the recording, we thought she was in 19th but later realised that she had actually recorded 17th position.


The race was won by Maja Alm, of Denmark, with a huge margin of 40 seconds in 13:32 but the margins were reduced after that with Nadiya Volynska, of Ukraine, claiming the silver medal in 14:12 and Galina Vinogradova adding a bronze individual medal to her bronze that she impressively grabbed at the Mixed Sprint Relay last night. Galina's time was 14:24. Sara Luescher of Switzerland was 4th in 14:26, just 0.2 seconds ahead of Hanny Allston of Australia and Miina Kauppi of Finland came home in 6th stopping the clock on 14:27.

There was a brief lull in the arena once the women's race was over but tension levels were soon sky-high again as the men's race got underway.

The British men all had fairly late starts with Scott Fraser 25th to leave the start block. News soon came through that Scott had the fastest time at the 6th control and the crowd roared as he ran through the arena and then eagerly awaited his return after the final loop. His sprint finish was impressive but there was a visible slump of the crowd as they heard that he had finished one second down on the current leader, Vojtech Kral. Scott's final position was 13th. Although Scott was initially pleased with his run, he later realised that he had missed some of the best route choices, as he explains in the recording below.


Murray Strain was the next British athlete to enter the stadium to the same level of support that had greeted Scott and a mass of supporters ran from where they had greeted him at the run-through to voice their support in the finishing straight. Murray came home for 18th position and was unable to hide his disappointment.

Kris Jones had the second to last start giving his supporters chance to gather together with a mix of British and Welsh flags and banners that promised him doughnuts at the finish - a favourite post-race snack perhaps?! The noise in the arena was immense when Kris appeared and again as he finished in 8th place and just 12 seconds off a gold medal.

Click on the ipadio recording below to hear an interview with Kris after the race.


The men's results below show how small the margins were:

1st Jonas Leandersson - Sweden (13:12)

2nd Martin Hubmann - Switzerland (13:14)

3rd Jerker Lysell - Sweden (13:16)

4th Marten Bostrom - Finland (13:19)

5th Yannick Michiels - Belgium (13:20)

6th Daniel Hubmann - Switzerland (13:21)


Watch all the action on the BBC ALBA iplayer here.

Full results from today's races can be found here.


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Opening Ceremony welcomes 51 nations from all corners of the world

Great Britain Team

Back row - left to right: Ed Nicholas (Team Support), Scott Fraser (Individual Sprint and Forest Relay), Alasdair McLeod (Middle and Long), Murray Strain (Individual Sprint), Dave Schorah (Mixed Sprint Relay), Kris Jones (Individual Sprint), Chris Smithard (Mixed Sprint Relay), Hector Haines (Middle and Long), Ralph Street (Forest Relay)

Front row - left to right: Catherine Taylor (Mixed Sprint Relay, Middle, Forest Relay, Long), Hollie Orr (Mixed Sprint Relay, Middle, Forest Relay), Jessica Tullie (Middle), Claire Ward (Forest Relay, Long), Charlotte Watson (Long), Alice Leake (Individual Sprint), Ruth Holmes (Individual Sprint), Charlotte Ward (Individual Sprint), Chloe Haines (Team Cook), Liz Campbell (Team Coach), Graham Gristwood (Middle, Forest Relay, Long)

The Opening Ceremony for the 2015 World Orienteering Championships took place last night, welcoming 400 of the world's best athletes from 51 nations.

The ceremony began with the Nairn Pipe Band leading the national teams into the Nairn Arena, that was situated close to the town's promenade, with a magical and stunning backdrop looking across the Moray Firth towards the Black Isles. The flags from competing nations added more colour to what was otherwise a sea of red, white and blue, provided by throngs of British supporters who were waving and wearing flags and banners in support of their GB team. 

Martin Ward, Chair of British Orienteering, and Councillor Laurie Fraser, Provost of Nairn, welcomed the teams and thanked everyone who has dedicated their time and effort to making this Championships happen before Brian Porteous, President of the International Orienteering Federation, declared the 2015 World Orienteering Championships open.

Good luck to the Great Britain team throughout the Championships.

Don't forget you can catch up with all the action on the BBC iplayer here




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WOC Mixed Sprint Relay

The World Orienteering Championships Mixed Sprint Relay took place today in the seaside town of Nairn, providing a spectacle for all to witness as the runners sprinted out to the sand dunes before navigating around the town, through the arena, back into the town and then along the promenade before finishing over the humps and bumps on the green where the arena was positioned. The running order for this event is: female, male, male, female.

The British quartet was made up of Hollie Orr, Dave Schorah, Chris Smithard and Cat Taylor. Unfortunately, Hollie had a disappointing run on leg 1, only managing to hand over to Dave Schorah in 25th position.

Emma Klingenberg, of Denmark, was superb on this leg, leading from the start and increasing her lead into the change over by 46 seconds.

Pictured (left)  is the start as the first leg runners head towards the beach.


Dave Schorah (pictured right) attacked the race from the start and gradually reeled in five of his competitors to hand over to Chris Smithard in 20th. Chris then pulled in one more position before handing over to Cat Taylor who brought the team home in 14th place.

The atmosphere at the event was electric and, although Denmark led from start to finish, the outcome remained unpredictable and had the spectators running to all corners of the arena to watch as the athletes chased each other down. On the third leg, Matthias Kyburz of Switzerland had closed down on Soren Bobach of Denmark with only one second separating them! There was an excited buzz as the audience wondered whether Maja Alm of Denmark and Judith Wyder of Switzerland may do battle again, on the last leg, as they had last year but by the spectator control Maja had opened a 19 second lead and this was only the start of Judith's troubles as Anne Margrethe Hausken Nordberg of Norway came storming past her before they reached the promenade whilst Galina Vinogradova of Russia was closing in fast. The finish line couldn't come fast enough for Judith but Galina's impressive power saw her finish in front to give the Russians the bronze medal as Judith collapsed across the line.

Watch all the action on the BBC iplayer here.

Tomorrow the World Orienteering Championships moves back to Forres for the Individual Sprint Final where Great Britain have six athletes competing for glory in this home championships.


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Six out of six through to the final!

The 2015 World Orienteering Championships began today with the Sprint Qualifier in the town of Forres in the Scottish Highlands. The qualifying rounds consisted of three men's heats and three women's heats and Great Britain had an athlete in each. The athletes had to finish in the top 15 to qualify for Sunday's final.

The women's race took place first and Alice Leake, an early starter, was the first British athlete to arrive in the finish arena after a strong start. She then held her form to come home in 13th, qualifying comfortably.

Charlotte Ward (pictured) was next in after hitting the first radio control only three seconds down on the eventual heat winner, Minna Kauppi, and to finish just four seconds back. She was delighted at finishing in 3rd place in her heat and said,  "It went really well. I stuck to my plan and I think I executed it well and was staying one step ahead of myself. I'm really happy!"

Ruth Holmes then completed the hat-trick to come home in 13th having hit the first radio control in 11th. Ruth was delighted to qualify after taking what she described as "a poor route choice" but rallied to a fast finish.

The British spectators then waited expectantly for the men's trio, which included the 2013 silver medallist, Scott Fraser, along with Kris Jones and Murray Strain. Kris was first to finish and didn't disappoint the crowd as he came home in the fastest time for his heat, a position which he held. After the event he gave us his thoughts on running in the first event at a home World Championships:

"It's not really felt like a World Champs up until now. It's felt very quiet, very relaxed and then you get to quarantine and it felt more like a race but then coming down the run in, it was mad! It was so loud - there were so many people cheering. It was really awesome! It's started to hit me a bit and it's a good feeling."

He then went on to say, "I had a good run. I was running hard - not 100% but quite hard and orienteering well. I missed a few routes but I knew I had a good race and so same again in the final!"

Murray Strain was next in with a solid run for 5th and Scott Fraser took 7th place to qualify comfortably in his heat.

Full results can be found here.

Good luck to all of the finalists for Sunday!

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Watch the World Orienteering Championships Live on BBC ALBA!

BBC ALBA will be broadcasting live coverage of the Sprint Relay, Sprint Final, and Relay races at the 2015 World Orienteering Championships.

Date Race



Sat 1st August Sprint Relay 18:00-19:25
Sun 2nd August Sprint Final 16:45-19:10
Wed 5th August Relay 16:00-18:10

The television coverage will be presented by Derek Mackay, with expert analysis from orienteering coach and former British international Lorna Eades. The coverage will feature profiles of some of the top participating athletes, including interviews with several of those representing the British team, with debutante Charlotte Ward and the experienced Murray Strain talking about the rise in the sport’s popularity and their own ambitions for the races.

BBC ALBA will also hear from other British athletes including Ruth Holmes, Kris Jones, Hollie Orr and Hector Haines, and from British Development and Performance Coach Liz Campbell.

BBC ALBA is available on Freeview channel 8 in Scotland, Sky channel 143,  Freesat 110 and Virgin Media channel 161 throughout the UK, and online via BBC iPlayer.

Picture: 2015 World Orienteering Championship athletes, Hollie Orr and Murray Strain with BBC ALBA programme presenter Derek Mackay. 

Item posted by Jennie Taylor
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Talent Summer Camp Gets Underway

The Summer Talent Camp is taking place this week in the Cairngorm with 33 athletes and six coaches looking at aspects of a periodised physical and technical year with ideas for training sessions that develop fitness and skill during the various phases. 

Assessment Day

After introductions and settling in on Sunday evening, Monday saw the athletes assessing their physical strengths and weaknesses and taking part in Terrain Time Trials with a splits analysis. Athletes tested themselves over two loops in the terrain and were timed on the climb, descent and on the flat. There were some impressive performances and awards were made to:


King of the Mountain Alastair Thomas
Demon Descender Andrew Barr
Top Terrain Terminator Alex Carcas (pictured left)



Queen of the Mountain Cecilie Andersen
Demon Descender Lucy Haines (Pictured middle)
Top Terrain Terminator Grace Malloy (Pictured right)

After their physical testing the athletes ran over a short forest course, at Moor of Alvie, to assess where their techincal levels are currently. In the evening they looked at methods for technical analysis and how they influence and guide training.

Back to Basics

Today the athletes broke their orienteering technique down into the fundamental skills: direction, distance and picture and practiced them over a variety of courses at Uath Lochan, which allowed the honing of these skills and the continued assessment of strengths and weaknesses. The athletes started with a 'star exercise' to practice their compass work and distance judgement and then focussed on those skills over a short forest course. This was followed by an exercise without the compass where the athletes were challenged to use the detail on the map to work through two more exercises where the focus was on creating a picture of each leg.

Still to come....

Tomorrow the squad will work at Craig Leach where the focus will be on the planning of each leg before putting their skills back together and then going back to the assessment stage, on Thursday, to consider how they will forward plan for the next year.

All of the athletes are working hard and making the most of this opportunity. They are also paying attention to rest and recovery after each session and are very appreciative of the refueling and nutrition provided by Phil Kirk and Angie Thirtle.

Item posted by Jackie Newton





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Great Britain sprinters gearing up for World Orienteering Championships

With the WOC 2015 only four days away in the areas around Inverness, the British sprinters are carrying out their final preparations before they take on the World on home ground.

The Sprint Team have now all arrived at their accommodation, close to Inverness and are settling in well. Today they took part in a warm-up sprint event organised by Team Coach, Liz Campbell and Team Manager, Dave Rollins. A new area was identified and mapped for this event so that the athletes could sharpen up before the Sprint qualifier on Friday and the Mixed Sprint Relay on Saturday.

Although the event was organised for the British team, many other countries took the opportunity to join them and this added an extra element that has helped the British sprinters get 'into the zone' and 'on top of their game'.

Thanks to INVOC and MOR for their help and support in facilitating this event and to Graham Gristwood who mapped this new area.

Picture - Ruth Holmes at the Sprint event today.

The first event at WOC 2015 is the Sprint Qualifier that will take place in Forres from 1800hrs on Friday evening with the final scheduled for Sunday afternoon. The Mixed Sprint Relay will get underway in Nairn on Saturday afternoon, after the Opening Ceremony that begins at 1645hrs. The Mixed Sprint Relay is still in its infancy after being held for the first time last year. The teams consist of two men and two women and the event makes for a thrilling spectacle as positions chop and change but runners tend to stay packed together.

The 2015 WOC sprint team is:

Individual Sprint - Men

  • Scott Fraser (INT) - Scott won the silver medal in the sprint at the 2013 World Orienteering Championships, ready to go one better this year.
  • Kris Jones (SBOC) - Kris had a good year in 2014 finishing 18th in the sprint at the World Orienteering Championships and 6th at the European Championships. Kris feels that he has now perfected his technique to produce a World Class Performance.
  • Murray Strain (INT) - Murray finished 13th in last year's WOC and 9th in 2013. After years of consistent high quality training, Murray is in the best shape of his life and has recently run a personal best for the 5000m in 14:26.

Individual Sprint - Women

  • Ruth Holmes (SN) - Ruth represented Great Britain at the 2014 World Orienteering Championships and is looking to build upon that experience.
  • Alice Leake (SN) - Alice is having a great year. After making her senior international debut at the World Cup Round 2 this year, she is now looking forward to her debut at the World Championships.
  • Charlotte Ward (HALO) - Charlotte is also enjoying a break-through year and made her debut at the World Cup Round 2. She was selected for WOC 2015 off the back of it.

Mixed Sprint Relay (MSR)

  • Hollie Orr (LOC) - Hollie is better known as a forest athlete but ran herself into this team with a strong performance on 1st leg in the MSR at the World Cup Round 2 last month. Hollie will also be competing in the forest later in the week.
  • Dave Schorah (DEE) - After representing Great Britain over the past few years, at the World University Orienteering Championships and European Championships, Dave is now making his WOC debut for Great Britain.
  • Chris Smithard (DEE) - 2013 was a break-through year for Chris when he finished 4th in the World Cup in Norway but this was followed by a long spell of injury that put him out for the whole of 2014. He is now making his WOC debut after a determined period of rehab and cross training that has enabled him to reach the required level to be a part of this team.
  • Catherine Taylor (CLOK) - Cat was part of the MSR that achieved 6th place last year. Cat is an incredibly versatile athlete who is as 'at home' on the tarmac as she is in the forest where we will see her later in the week.

We wish the sprinters all the very best as they put in their final preparations.

Item posted by Jackie Newton.

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Major Event Officials Conference 2015

The Major Event Officials Conference will be held on Saturday 5th September 2015 at the Holiday Inn Derby-Nottingham M1 Junction 25.

Priority will be given to British Orienteering Major Event (JK & British Championships) Key Officials for 2015, 2016 & 2017 events and a waiting list started, if necessary. Limited to 60 delegates. Programme TBC.

Please book your place before Monday, 17th August 2015 and e-mail your completed form to Booking form available here.


Item posted by Sally Pygott

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World Orienteering Championships Selection Announcement

We are pleased to announce below the full team to represent Great Britain at the 2015 World Orienteering Championships in Inverness from 31st July to 7th August.  There are seven World Championship debutants named in the team (Alice Leake, Alasdair McLeod, Dave Schorah, Chris Smithard, Jessica Tullie, Charlotte Ward and Charlotte Watson) – many congratulations to them and to all the named athletes.


Sprint (qualifier 31 July, final 2 August)



Scott Fraser (INT)

Kris Jones (SBOC)

Murray Strain (INT)

Reserve: Peter Hodkinson (NOC)

Ruth Holmes (SN)

Alice Leake (SN)

Charlotte Ward (HALO)

Reserve: Helen Bridle (ESOC)


Mixed Sprint Relay (1 August)    (running order tbc)

Hollie Orr (LOC)

Dave Schorah (DEE)

Chris Smithard (DEE)

Catherine Taylor (CLOK)

Reserves: Helen Bridle (ESOC) / Peter Hodkinson (NOC)


Middle Distance (4 August)



Graham Gristwood (FVO)

Hector Haines (INT)

Alasdair McLeod (CLYDE)

Reserve: Matthew Speake (EBOR)

Hollie Orr (LOC)

Catherine Taylor (CLOK)

Jessica Tullie (BASOC)

Reserve: from within the named team


Long Distance (7 August)



Graham Gristwood (FVO)

Hector Haines (INT)

Alasdair McLeod (CLYDE)

Reserve: Matthew Speake (EBOR)

Catherine Taylor (CLOK)

Claire Ward (ESOC)

Charlotte Watson (EUOC)

Reserve: from within the named team


 Forest Relay (5 August)    (running orders tbc)



Scott Fraser (INT)

Graham Gristwood (FVO)

Ralph Street (SLOW)

Reserve: Kris Jones (SBOC)

Hollie Orr (LOC)

Catherine Taylor (CLOK)

Claire Ward (ESOC)

Reserve: from within the named team


Best wishes to the team as they move into their final three weeks of preparation towards the Championships.

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News Headlines


Podium position for Cat at today's WOC middle

The World Orienteering Championships middle distance event took place today and the home crowd were thrilled that Cat Taylor ran herself onto the podium with a fantastic fifth place.

WOC Mixed Sprint Relay

There was diasppointment for Great Britain at the World Orienteering Championships Mixed Sprint Relay today.

Six out of six through to the final!

The sprint qualifiying competition took place today at the World Orienteering Championships and all six British athletes are through to the final.

Talent Summer Camp Gets Underway

The annual summer Talent Camp got underway on Sunday in the Cairngorm with 33 athletes and six coaches working together on this five-day camp.

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