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Publicity Materials

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Online Print Portal

The online print portal is currently offline as we review and update our resources. Should you require any specific images to create flyers/ promotional material, please contact

A selection of promotional flyers are available to clubs through an online print portal. The Flyers have been designed so that a set template can be edited to include your clubs individual event information, contact details and your club's logo.  You can choose from a selection of images and colour schemes. The system is very easy to use and the flyers can be created in a few minutes.  The flyers are currently only available in e-versions as the printing support function is unavailable. Further information and to see templates see the Online Print Portal.

Adventure Sport For All Leaflet

A six page leaflet that is great for explaining orienteering to newcomers is available to purchase from National Office. Leaflets cost 20p each and can be ordered by emailing:

Orienteering Clip Art

British Orienteering can provide clubs with a selection of Clip Art characters that can be used to create fun posters for children. A complete set of characters can be purchased on a CD for £2.50. Please email: