Orienteering in the School Games

Orienteering in the School Games

Orienteering is a part of The School Games in England. The School Games provides a great opportunity to get more young people than ever before enjoying the benefits of Orienteering.

The School Games is made up of four levels of competition that provide a pathway for young people to progress and develop. Specific Orienteering School Games formats have been created for Primary and Secondary, Intra and Inter School competition - these are listed below along with downloadable supporting resources.

Why Choose Orienteering?

  • From Pitch Orienteering that takes place on a standard football pitch to the traditional Orienteering Score Competition - the formats are simplified, progressive and varied so can provide a fun and exciting introduction to the sport as well as offer new ways of running the same competition.
  • Regardless of your type of pupil, their previous experience, or the experiences of your teachers/staff the Orienteering Formats can be tailored to any area (from indoor to your school grounds or local park) and cater for mapped or non-mapped sites.
  • Finding points and making choices develops self-belief, respect and teamwork and boys and girls can compete together so the sport is ideal for mixed abilities and various ages.
  • Orienteering has a lot to offer in terms of raising achievement and numeracy and is great for meeting the developmental needs, both physical and mental, of pupils.  Orienteering is also a cross-curricular activity that can support subjects such as Maths, PE and Geography. 
 “Orienteering is a sport that can accommodate whole classes at intra-level or multiple teams at inter level. It is a fantastic alternative to some of the more traditional sporting competitions”
Elle Baker - Stockport School Games Organiser

The Formats and Supporting Resources

Just click on your chosen challenge or competition to see more and download supporting resources such as maps and control cards. 


School Games Formats           
(Includes rules, instructions, pictures)

Downloadable Resources                        
(Includes maps, course examples, control cards)

Primary Intra - Level 1
challenges and competitions

Counting Cones Format

Counting Cones supporting resources

Matching Symbols Relay Format

Matching Symbols Relay supporting resources

Netball Numbers Competition Format

Netball Numbers supporting resources

Team Score Competition Format

Score supporting resources

Secondary Intra - Level 1 traditional, modified and alternative competitions

Pitch Orienteering Format

Pitch O supporting resources

2 Person Star Relay Format

2 Person Star Relay supporting resources

Score Competition Format

Score supporting resources

Inter School - Level 2 and 3 Recommended Competition

Team Score - years 5/6/7

Score supporting resources

Individual Score - years 8/9/10

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